The Benefits Of eDiscovery Software

Evidence is now overwhelmingly electronic. What data is out there that could help you serve your client? It is in your firm’s best interest to have an eDiscovery tool and corresponding eDiscovery workflow in place.


eDiscovery Processing

eDiscovery software (or document review software) is designed to process all types of documents into a secure environment to conduct document review. Simply drop a zip or PST file onto Digital WarRoom, and the tool will extract all metadata specific to each document. For example, an email could have data like: to, from, cc, bcc. eDiscovery tools will allow you to filter on any metadata field which can help you narrow your corpus into documents most relevant to the investigation. Upon processing, Digital WarRoom software will also index plain text words in all documents. When reviewing, you will be able to use the keyword search function as a further filtering option.


Document Review

Document review is where your team will spend most of their time during an eDiscovery project. When your documents are done processing, open up reports and analysis tools to give yourself some high-level clues of what is in your data set. Who are the major players? How many documents are there by extension type? What is the distribution of create-dates among the corpus of documents? Is there anything wonky about the data set like password protected documents or documents with macros? eDiscovery software will help you first and foremost by giving you the tools to know your data!

You have the ability to set up custom marks, issue codes and protective order designations which allow you to make a range of decisions on each document. Marks will determine relevance or privilege while issue codes determine where a relevant document fits into your claim construction.

There are several other tools available to make your life easier. Redact over confidential information by simply drawing a black box on the TIF image. For every document marked as privileged, our tool will create a corresponding privilege log entry and let you choose from and edit a list of “canned” privilege types and privilege reasons.


Document Production

Once you have identified responsive documents to be produced, go through some quality control (QC) steps to ensure that all documents in your production are appropriate. Decide on specific documents or file types to produce as imaged or native. eDiscovery tools will have built-in mechanisms to image and endorse – thereby converting your documents to TIF format and burning important information onto each document such as the bates number and protective order designation. Finalize your production, decide which metadata fields to export, and wrap up your production into a special format called a load file to send to the opposing party.


Digital WarRoom Has 3 Products


Private Cloud

A cloud-based eDiscovery subscription for all matters and your entire team

  • A long-term solution for all matters in one subscription
  • 50 included users
  • Unparalleled training and onboarding from our experienced team of legal professionals
  • Management Console - cost recovery tool for viewing admin level metrics and requesting split invoices


Single Matter

A cloud-based eDiscovery solution for one or more users to complete a single matter without the long-term commitment

  • Flexible, month to month commitment
  • Low starting price - $250/month for 25 GBs, $10/GB thereafter
  • Pricing tiers available to reduce cost per GB as your matter size reaches certain data thresholds
  • 1 month of training/onboarding


Pro Software

An all-in-one, desktop eDiscovery application licensed to a single machine

  • DWR Pro is a desktop software application which you can download to your local machine – you have full control of your data
  • Affordable – Only $1795/year/license
  • Pro includes all the same features as our hosted subscriptions
  • Purchase with a credit card and download instantly


Included Onboarding

  • Data Migration: Digital WarRoom will migrate your data and work product from other eDiscovery platforms at no extra charge
  • Training: Rigorous, unlimited, hands-on training available for your entire team during the beginning of your subscription
  • Cost Savings: Extensive onboarding combined with DIY tools designed to allow your team to run their own practice resulting in cost savings you can forward on to your client

Experienced Support

  • Help Desk: Support is available via our email help desk
  • Senior Professionals: Open access to senior eDiscovery professionals with decades of knowledge
  • Speedy Response: Guaranteed help desk response within 4 business hours (Monday-Friday from 9AM EST to 9 PM EST)
  • Professional Services: Our subscription packages and included training are backed by professional services which can help your team meet deadlines in a crunch or solve technical issues – offered only to our customers

Guaranteed Security

  • Digital WarRoom Hosting Center: DWR owns and manages its servers and infrastructure
  • No Third Parties: Client data cannot be accessed third parties or subcontractors like AWS and Azure
  • Advanced Security: Our strict physical access controls and network security give our customers peace of mind with the knowledge that we proactively safeguard their consumer information
  • Required Protocol: Two-factor authentication is required
  • Protected Access Points: Digital WarRoom professionals cannot access your data without direct permission