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Digital WarRoom Offers Three eDiscovery Solutions With Identical Features

Pro Software: Manage client documents and discovery on your own machine. Single Matter: Hosted discovery for one matter. Private Cloud: Your firm's own virtual eDiscovery environment for all matters.


The Digital WarRoom Family

When you join Digital WarRoom, you become a part of our family.  We would like to train you and your team to be top 10% eDiscovery professionals. Together, we can fullfill our vision of making eDiscovery Just, Speedy, and Affordable.
  • Included Training
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  • Secure

Included Training

Insourcing eDiscovery comes with a learning curve. During the initial onboarding phase, our senior eDiscovery professionals will provide training and matter specific support over a screen share. Our email help desk is always free.

Digital WarRoom Features

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Somehow, Carlson Caspers reduced its average monthly ediscovery costs from $91.54/GB in 2014 to $1.00/GB today. This TL Research Learnpaper explains how Carlson Caspers worked with its ediscovery vendor, to "insource" the work it used to outsource, forwarding the cost savings to its clients.

Learnpaper: eDiscovery Commoditization and the Coming Law Firm Boom

Digital WarRoom aims to change the eDiscovery industry - lower fees, more transparency, simple yet effective features. This TL Research Learnpaper explores this nature of an unsustainable ‘bubble’ in vendor fees, as well as how law firms can take advantage of it by insourcing their eDiscovery

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Combining Affordable eDiscovery With Ethical Cost Recovery

It is incumbent upon you to develop sufficient knowledge of eDiscovery best practices to ensure your clients receive, quality, affordable services. That's why Digital WarRoom recommends pairing affordable, do-it-yourself eDiscovery with a streamlined cost recovery workflow.