Searching for an ediscovery provider? Digital WarRoom offers a comprehensive software tool set for processing through production, with included training, for no more than $10/GB/Month. Find out why Digital WarRoom stands out among eDiscovery companies ...


Software Packages

Digital WarRoom Offers Three eDiscovery Solutions With Identical Features

Pro Software: Manage client case documents and discovery on your own machine. Single Matter: Hosted discovery for one matter. Private Cloud: Your firm's own virtual eDiscovery environment for all matters and multiple clients.


The Digital WarRoom Family

When you join Digital WarRoom, you become a part of our family.  We would like to train you and your team to be top 10% eDiscovery professionals ready to tackle litigation with ease. Together, we can fulfill our vision of making eDiscovery a Just, Speedy, and Affordable experience.
  • Included Training
  • Affordable
  • Speedy & Powerful
  • Secure

Included Training

Insourcing eDiscovery comes with a learning curve. Some ediscovery providers offer training. Some ediscovery firms offer just software. Digital WarRoom takes a hybrid approach. There is no need to travel to a center or expense multiple training events. During the initial onboarding phase, our senior eDiscovery professionals will provide training and matter specific support over a screen share. Our email help desk is always free.

Digital WarRoom Features

Automatic Document Processing

Advanced Filtering & Keyword Searching

Right Click And Mark Documents

Privilege Log





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