Digital WarRoom Management Console

A Stand-Alone Private Cloud Integration For Viewing Usage Metrics, Following Bill Updates, And Requesting Split Invoices

financial-2860753_640Management Console is included with your Private Cloud - available upon request.

First and foremost – Management Console is essentially an administrator report of all usage metrics and individual user activity. These metrics can be used both for general matter management and for maintaining accurate cost expectations.


Matter Management

Many paralegals manually record their client's preservation activity, incoming data, productions activity, and review activity in a spreadsheet. With Management Console, all activity will be tracked automatically.

The Management Console will timestamp and log the user ID that performed each action across all matters

Quickly reference global activity and when things happened
  • Processing a collection
  • Productions
  • View bates ranges, bill codes
  • View activity from this month, or look back 12 months on any given matter
  • View when someone loaded adverse party data

Manage Client Fee Expectations

Quickly reference your bill as it is updated throughout the month – giving you the ability to proactively make clarifications

  • View the total number of documents produced, or total number of GBs processed
  • Open up your bill to see how your GB usage thus far translates into your bill
  • View info on professional services performed by Digital WarRoom for your firm such as service description, number of hours logged and hourly rate

Expense Recovery

The private cloud all-in-one pricing model doesn't allow for smooth cost recovery across many matters. With Management Console, you can request invoices to be split across your matters using any flat fee or calculation you choose.
  • Create custom split invoices using 4 possible billing metrics
  • At the end of the month, we will send you as many split invoices as you want to add up to equal or greater than the amount owed
  • Simply pass each invoice to the corresponding client for cost recovery

Digital WarRoom Recommends:

Host all your matters in one Private Cloud environment. Once you have an understanding of eDiscovery cost expectations, communicate with your clients and agree on a billing metric for each individual matter, but make it simple – for example, $2/GB/month, or $100/Month. When you create an organized, cost recovery system under this model, your clients will appreciate a lower bill and your firm will recover all costs under a standardized workflow, saving money, time and energy.