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Customer Testimonials

Landon S.

Partner, Houston Law Firm

"As we renew our Digital WarRoom Pro license for a second year, I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you. Thank you for providing an affordable e-discovery solution that is desperately needed in the legal industry. Giving attorneys the power to process, index, review, and produce their clients’ documents at a yearly flat fee is a game changer. Digital WarRoom Pro has been a boon for my practice, and has allowed me to provide a significantly higher level professionalism to my clients who were not candidates for the ‘typical’ e-discovery vendor’s costs. Additionally, I have appreciated the responsiveness I have received from the Digital WarRoom staff. As I renew, I am excited about Digital WarRoom Pro’s new features and I look forward to using Digital WarRoom Pro for many years to come."

James T.

Partner, Ohio Law Firm

"DWR Pro is shockingly affordable for the capability it offers, especially when compared to the often-inferior competition. DWR personnel are also very responsive to any technical issues we have had as heavy users of their software. DWR has even worked with us on several occasions to incorporate features we needed in DWR Pro software updates and offered licensing arrangements that met our small business needs. We couldn’t be happier with the company or their software."

Art R.

Legal Project Manager, International Technology Company

"I rate this support 10 out of 10 - like ALL support received from DWR. Very professional and extremely responsive. Great partners that I have recommended to others these past 10+ years."

Claire L.

Analyst, Construction Firm

"This is our third time using DWR. We're always well supported and the team responds quickly to our questions and requests! Love the product and the team behind it."

Karen B.

eDiscovery Professional, Florida

“Thanks so much for all your efforts on this issue. I have a pretty good idea of what it took to resolve the production issue we discovered. It is done, resolved and out the door. Thanks for all your help, and the steps you all took to preserve the client work. Handled very professionally, and I am grateful.”

Colin S.

Paralegal, Seattle Law Firm

"DWR loaded docs fast AND spent longer amount of time than allotted with me and attorney for training late on a Friday. Appreciate it."

Cori E.

Legal Assistant, Texas Law Firm

"The experience has been pleasant and efficient."

Josh C.

Attorney, Oklahoma Law Firm

"Everything was great. [My support agent] was extremely helpful and knowledgeable."

Nikea S.

Legal Assistant, Seattle Law Firm

"Thank you so much for training today. You were very helpful and provided great training."

Guarionex R.

Paralegal, New Jersey Law Firm

"The support was clear, concise, and prompt. They even included a picture with graphics, very user-friendly."

Shirley B.

Legal Assistant, North Carolina Law Firm

"DWR's Support Team Rocks! Thumbs Up!"

Toy P.

Paralegal, North Carolina Law Firm

"Excellent response time."

Emily G.

Associate, Washington DC Law Firm

"Quick responses and all questions answered"

Laurie H.

Partner, California Law Firm

"Rapid response and friendly explanation, thanks!"

Dannielle J.

Paralegal, Michigan Law Firm

"Has been a great experience so far. Looking forward to using the product. Thank you"

Ellen I.

Legal Administrator, City Government

"Outstanding, customer focused and responsive support! I was under a significant time crunch and received immediate assistance, helping keep me on deadline on my work! As an occasional user, this was especially helpful and appreciated! [my support agent] also has been outstanding, not just for me walking me through processes where I am very "rusty", but also I hear great things frequently from my staff who work with her on their ongoing projects. Thank you so much for your overall A+ support!"

Jimmy P.

Systems Engineer, New York Law Firm

"Excellent service"

Deborah G.

Paralegal, California Law Firm

"Great service! I never hesitate to ask a question or ask for help (after i have consulted the user guide, of course)."

Ronetta S.

Paralegal, New Jersey Law Firm

"The support has been excellent, prompt and so very helpful. It is very important to me that I get a quick response to my inquiries, I have not been disappointed at all. Thank you for being so efficient!"

Kate I.

Paralegal, Seattle Law Firm

"Excellent service. Timely, friendly, patient, good at explaining--and the team got right on it at the start of my project, which I really appreciated. When things went a bit sideways in set up, [my support agent] got the necessary answers and got right back to me. I did not get a response in time to my last question, but it was after-hours on the east coast and I was able to resolve the issue in-house. I literally could not have completed this project without [my support agent] and team's support and assistance."

Jake T.

Paralegal, New York law firm

"10/10 as always."

David S.

Senior IT Helpdesk Analyst, California Law Firm

"Excellent support"

Marianne R.

Attorney, California Law Firm

"Support has been wonderful. Very responsive and on point. Thank you!"

Michael C.

Paralegal, Florida Law Firm

"Very quick, accurate service as always!!"

Erik N.

Managing Director, California Law Firm

"Excellent support as always!!!"

Kim N.

Paralegal, Detroit Law Firm

"[my support agent] was very prompt [in] assisting me. She continued to work on the issue of a document timing out until she completed it and immediately reached out. She not only told me that it was resolved, but how she resolved it."

Kresimir G.

Paralegal, Seattle Law Firm

"Great Experience with [my support agent] - she prompted me through the basics so I have a good knowledge base when I am asked to search and or work on the documents which are in DWR. Thanks [my support agent]!"

Amanda N.

Litigation Director, Maryland Law Firm

"[my support agent] is and has been fantastic! We are really grateful for her help!"

Stacey H.

Paralegal, North Carolina Law Firm

"[my support agent]'s workaround for sequencing my production worked perfectly. I greatly appreciate the specialized assistance to resolve my issue. As usual, the support was outstanding."

John G.

Help Desk Manager, Seattle Law Firm

"I am really impressed with the rapid response I got from [my support agent]! Thank you [my support agent]!"

Michele H.

Paralegal, Seattle Law Firm

The level of support we have received from DWR has been outstanding!

Harlow D.

IT Director, New York Investment Firm

"When we received a request for Bates numbering again, I quickly mentioned we used DWR and how great you were last time. We signed up and got everything to you quickly and in a few hours everything was done, downloaded and uploaded to the auditors. We actually referred another sister company whom just got the same type request to submit their to DWR as well. We strongly recommended anyone looking for this type service to leverage DWR, as you have always done excellent work and the process is extremely easy."

Jerry J.

Executive Director, Technology Services, County Government

"Support has been awesome! You have an amazing team. Thanks so much."

Steven G.

Attorney, California Law Firm

"Very helpful and I am appreciative of [my support agent]'s patience and anticipation of what I needed."

Francella M.

County Government

"the representative was very patient, knowledgeable and helpful. We did run into a couple of hiccups, she did get back to me and with the steps she provided I was able to continue on my own and get the file out. Todays "Live Support" is much appreciated, this really gives us one on one which is extremely helpful for learning a new program. thank you."

Diana S.

IT Manager, Florida Law Firm

"Love dealing with [my support agent] and everyone else at DWR. Your replies are quick and clear. This is exactly what I needed to know. THANKS!"

Diana D.

Partner, California Law Firm

"[my support agent] is terrific. She quickly responds and gets the job done. This is the second case I have worked on with her."

Greg F.

Litigation Technical Analyst, Portland Law Firm

"request was dealt with quickly"

Grace M.

Paralegal, Seattle Law Firm

"Always quick and provide exactly the information we need. Thanks!"

Leticia A.

Legal Specialist, City Government

"Very helpful. I don't know what I would do without her expertise. Thank you for making my work life easier!"

Emily D.

Litigation Support Analyst, New York Law Firm

"[my support agent] was very helpful."

Kristi L.

Litigation Paralegal, Portland Law Firm

"[my support agent] was awesome today and my exchanges a few days prior were resolved! So thankful for the assistance."

Ashley K.


"Quick and helpful support!"

Steven I.

Project Manager, Pennsylvania Law Firm

"[my support agent] is always on the ball."

Charles S.

Attorney, California Law Firm

"[my support agent] is great to work with and communicates very well. She is prompt to reply, knowledgeable and helpful. 5 stars."

Rhonda B.

Paralegal, Texas Law Firm

"DWR Support team is awesome!!!"

Claire K.

Master of Public Health

"Always prompt response, willing to go extra mile to help customers, know the product well. Highly recommend!"

Jose P.

Litigation Assistant, New York Law Firm

"Very fast and to the point."

Nicole G.

Attorney, California Law Firm

"You guys are always quick with a response. thanks."

Crystal E.

Executive Assistant, Insurance Company

"I'm excited to get started with the hosted environment and I really appreciate [my support agent] and [my support agent] answering all my questions."

Kristi E.

Paralegal, Seattle Law Firm

"Great support by [my support agent] & team as usual!! Thanks."

Jennifer H.

Paralegal, Honolulu-based law firm

"Very responsive."

Sara B.

Legal Assistant, Pennsylvania Law Firm

"[my support agent] is great. Thank you."

Donna W.

Senior Paralegal, California Law Firm

"[my support agent] and the rest of the support group is always helpful and easy to work with."

Shireen J.

Senior Paralegal, New York Law Firm

"Quick and helpful."

Sue N.

Paralegal, Arkansas Law Firm

Shawn K.

IT Manager, North Carolina Law Firm

"Prompt and precise."

Perry K.

Attorney, Oklahoma Law Firm

"[my support agent] did a great job. thank you."

Tony K.

Paralegal, California Law Firm

"Always appreciative of the great customer service you all provide!"

Nicole F.

Senior Litigation Paralegal, San Diego Law Firm

"[my support agent]'s assistance, trouble shooting and suggestions to get a very sensitive project ready--at each stage--is phenomenal. While we recognize how busy he is, he finds a way to make our project a priority, in a concise and meaningful way. Interacting with [my support agent] and team on this project further reinforces a confidence for continued use on this and other projects, particularly if they involve customization for production needs. Thanks to [my support agent] and team."

Adam P.

Attorney, New York Law Firm

"[my support agent] is the best!"

Igor L.

IT Administrator, County Government

"awesome people!"

Juan H.

Practice Support Manager, Miami Law Firm

"I am very satisfied with the support received."

Meredith C.

Legal Assistant, Arkansas Law Firm

"You guys always have the best support! One of the many things I like about DWR."

Sylvia M.

Paralegal, North Carolina Law Firm

"[my support agent] is wonderful."

Trish C.

Paralegal, North Carolina Law Firm

"It was exactly what I needed to get me started on a large project."

Lesa O.

Paralegal, Seattle Law Firm

"Perfect and timely support. Thank you!"

Satish C.

Attorney, North Carolina Law Firm

"Excellent and comprehensive support"

Melissa K.

Application Support Specialist, New Orleans Law Firm

"[my support agent] is always quick to respond. Everyone from DWR support is really quick to respond. Couldn't ask for better service!"