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Negotiating the Form of Production

A practical guide for negotiating production scope, format, and load-files for ESI, including examples of production formats and sample ESI agreements.

Written by Tom O’Connor, experienced litigation support professional with over 40 years in the profession. Tom is skilled in litigation support workflows and processes as well as eDiscovery and access-to-justice issues.  Tom describes how to leverage Civil Procedure rules to ensure you can deliver documents correctly and receive or compel highly probative ESI from a producing party.

Reference the Rules and leverage examples to ensure you get the documents that will allow your client to prevail.

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Digital WarRoom eDiscovery Case Study

How One Law Firm Successfully Adopted an eDiscovery Platform That Kept Them Competitive in the Marketplace Providing Remarkable Value to Their Clients

Written by Brett Burney, Editor-in-Chief at Legal Tech Media Group and Author of the eDiscovery Buyers Guide. This Digital WarRoom case study was included as part of the 2020 eDiscovery Buyers Guide.

In order to support their growing litigation practice, the lawyers at Garvey Schubert Barer, PC realized they needed to make some changes to their eDiscovery workflows and software. Was there a better way to manage eDiscovery?

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TechnoLawyer Exclusive Interview With Digital WarRoom Co-Founders Dan & Bill Gallivan

Making eDiscovery Accessible, Safe and Profitable for Law Firms of All Sizes

Dan and Bill Gallivan discuss several timely issues releated to eDiscovery. For example: how does Digital WarRoom use guardrails to ensure users make the right choices with their data?

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Popular Do-It-Yourself eDiscovery Platform Adds A Cost Recovery Tool For Billing Clients

Learn how Digital WarRoom Private Cloud can help you reduce costs for clients and grow your practice. Management Console is a brand new stand alone tool which integrates with your Private Cloud to provide crucial information for billing and cost recovery. (Ungated)

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How Intellectual Property Law
Firm Carlson Caspers Reduced
Its Ediscovery Costs by 99%

Beginning in 2014, the clients of Minneapolis-based Carlson Caspers Vandenburgh and Lindquist, PA. (Carlson Caspers) started to see something unprecedented — a steady and significant drop in ediscovery-related costs even as they picked up more cases.

Somehow, Carlson Caspers reduced its average monthly ediscovery costs from $91.54/GB in 2014 to $1.00/GB today. This Learnpaper explains how Carlson Caspers worked with Digital WarRoom, its eDiscovery vendor to "insource" the work it used to outsource, forwarding the cost savings to its clients. (Ungated)

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Ediscovery Commoditization and the Coming Law Firm Boom

Digital WarRoom is on a mission to restore balance between law firms and eDiscovery vendors.. law firms are getting the short end of the stick. This TL Research Learnpaper explores this nature of an unsustainable ‘bubble’ in vendor fees, as well as how law firms can take advantage of it by insourcing their eDiscovery — i.e., handling more of the work internally just as they do with all other aspects of their litigation cases. (Ungated)

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