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Welcome To Our Automated Request A Contract Page For Digital WarRoom Single Matters

  1. Fill Out Request Form On This Page. Please fill out all form fields accurately, as they will be used to autofill your Digital WarRoom contract
  2. Receive Contract Automatically Via Email. Your contract will be delivered by email to the contract signer and contract cc email(s) to be reviewed and e-signed in PandaDoc - our contract management system and a defensible digital notary.
  3. E-Sign Contract In PandaDoc. The software includes an optional “download” button to download the contract to PDF form.
  4. Pre-Pay First Month. Once the contract is signed by all parties, a payment widget will become available to pay for the first month of this matter subscription.
  5. Request Users. Generate an email to our help desk at including the Name, Email and Mobile phone number for all users you would like to include on your matter. All users should expect a mobile invite for Duo Two Factor Authentication (2FA). Duo 2FA is required to ensure the highest standard of security.
  6. Onboarding, Matter Setup, & Training. Our onboarding team will notify you when your virtual environment has been set up and invite you to schedule a live onboarding/training session.

For all questions, please contact