Digital WarRoom Single Matter - Hosted eDiscovery

A Cloud Based eDiscovery Subscription For One Or More Users To Complete A Single Matter Without The Long Term Commitment

$250/Month for 25 GBs, $10/GB thereafter




A single matter subscription gives you the flexibility to finish your eDiscovery project based on your own timeline. Single Matters are offered as a month-to-month subscription.


Premier Support

Digital WarRoom hosted offerings include the unique benefit of matter-specific training via screenshare. Single matter subscriptions provide 1 month of onboarding and training on top of unlimited access to our senior eDiscovey professionals via our email support desk. When you join Digital WarRoom, you are not just a customer. We consider you a part of our family. Urgent deadline?  We will personalize our training to your needs and timeline so that you can complete your requirements.

Digital WarRoom also offers included project management to help organize your workflow and meet deadlines effectively. If your project becomes overwhelming, or you need technical expertise, we offer professional services for an hourly rate.


Cost Effective

$10/GB/Month is an unbeatable offer for a comprehensive eDiscovery toolset. We do not bill for processing – only for the largest amount of data hosted in the tool during the month / billing cycle. There is no cost for duplicates, and Digital WarRoom software offers further tools to manage data volume. The policy wizard is a culling tool which can remove junk based on a responsive date range, file type, custodian, etc.

For larger data sets, Digital WarRoom Single Matter subscriptions include built-in pricing tiers to reduce your cost per GB as your matter exceeds 100 GBs and 400 GBs in size.

This subscription starts at 1 included user, additional users are $50/user/month.

We are confident that Digital WarRoom pricing offers superior value. Digital WarRoom will price-match credible offers from a selection of vendors if a different pricing structure is preferred. Inquire for more details.


Month 1 Discount to "Cull Out The Junk"

Digital WarRoom now offers a flat rate of $250 for the first month's hosting fees with no overage costs. Upload everything you've got to Digital WarRoom and take advantage of our culling and analytics tools to reduce data volume and drive down costs in subsequent months.


Benefits of Hosting Over On-Premise

  • Environment can be accessed remotely by concurrent users
  • DWR Professionals can access your environment (with permission) for training and support
  • Security risks are outsourced to DWR
  • Improved processing power
  • No capital expenses
  • Easy setup

Are eDiscovery Service Providers Doomed?

Digital WarRoom aims to change the eDiscovery industry - lower fees, more transparency, simple yet effective features. This TechnoLawyer Learnpaper explores this nature of an unsustainable "bubble" in vendor fees, as well as how law firms can take advantage of it by insourcing their eDiscovery

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Digital WarRoom Single Matter Workflow

  • Upload or deliver Client and Opposing party data

  • Allow your Digital WarRoom team to train/assist

  • Process, OCR, index for keyword searching

  • Explore your documents, filter for gross relevancy

  • Remove or suppress non-relevant documents

  • Review documents, tag, claim construction 

  • Manage a privilege log, redact documents

  • Produce documents in a variety of formats

  • Segregate for experts and protective orders

  • Prepare for depositions, exhibits

Other Facts and Features

  • Install, process, and review documents within a day

  • Easy to learn, 1 month free training and support

  • Unlimited GB Processing

  • 500 file types can be processed, reviewed, produced

  • De-NIST process removes application software, .exe files, and other non-relevant program files 

  • Clear exception reports help you identify corrupt or encrypted documents and processing exceptions

  • Early Case Assessment: graphical “Who to Whom” feature quickly scope document volumes and determine review resource requirements

  • Portable document binders support paperless depositions and document sharing

  • Load adverse/3rd party data with load files wizard

  • Automatic draft privilege log generation

  • Defensible: Detailed tracking of document chain of custody, all content, decisions, actions.

  • Starting at $250/ month for 25 GB and your first reviewer