Digital WarRoom Private Cloud - Multi Matter Cloud eDiscovery

A Cloud Based eDiscovery Solution For All Matters And Your Entire Team 

$2000/Month for 500 GBs, $1/GB thereafter


Digital WarRoom Private Cloud is the ultimate eDiscovery suite for firms looking to build a long term relationship with their eDiscovery vendor. When you join Digital WarRoom, you are not just a customer. We consider you a part of our family. Our goal is to train your team over several months to be top 10% proficient in eDiscovery practices and fully proficient using Digital WarRoom. If a new paralegal or litigation manager joins your team, we'll train them any time. With this do-it-yourself model backed by included matter specific training, we have seen firms realize incredible cost savings, with per GB prices dropping as low as $1/GB.

When law firms hand their client an abnormally large eDiscovery bill, the client will certainly pay the bill, but they may never use that firm again. Digital WarRoom allows law firms to have a profitable practice, all while bringing significant cost savings to their clients.

Digital WarRoom Private Cloud will scale up with your matters, capable of processing TBs of data. A Private Cloud is just what it sounds like - your firm's very own virtual eDiscovery environment for all matters. With up to 50 users included, Digital WarRoom will automatically log activity by each reviewer so you can keep tasks organized and efficient.

A Private Cloud subscription includes Management Console, a stand alone tool for viewing administrative usage metrics, keeping track of your most current monthly bill and requesting custom split invoices for cost recovery.

Losing competitive advantage? Gain control over discovery technology, client satisfaction, and fees. 



IP Law Firm Carlson Caspers Saves 98% on eDiscovery Using Digital WarRoom Private Cloud

Somehow, Carlson Caspers reduced its average monthly ediscovery costs from $91.54/GB in 2014 to $1.00/GB today. This TL Research Learnpaper explains how Carlson Caspers worked with Digital WarRoom, its ediscovery vendor, to “insource” the work it used to outsource, forwarding the cost savings to its clients. It also explains why Digital WarRoom willingly abandoned its business model to make this transition at Carlson Caspers possible …

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Digital WarRoom Private Cloud Tools:

  • Unlimited databases - scalable multi matter hosting 

  • Unlimited client data processing

  • Early case assessment (ECA) and gross relevancy analysis

  • Cutting edge document review tool

  • Privileged review and logging, redaction tools

  • Robust document production features and options

  • Adverse production hosting

  • Support for depositions, exhibits and clawbacks

Each Annual Subscription Includes

  • 500 GBs for a flat monthly fee - $1/GB thereafter

  • Up to 50 users and reviewers

  • Included matter migration services

  • Structured and hands on, matter specific training

  • Custom report generation for your firm’s cost recovery model or split invoicing