eDiscovery Checklist Manifesto

Your Complete Guide Book to eDiscovery

Litigation is complex, dynamic, and unpredictable. A good checklist is designed to be your guide book in forming a consistent, repeatable process. From the moment litigation becomes imminent until a settlement or judgment - you cannot afford to miss anything. Because of the high stakes of litigation, it is crucial that you meet your requirements to the court and that you justly represent your client while managing time, budget, and risk.

The cost of litigation has dropped significantly and the job description of a litigator has expanded. Educational content must evolve to encompass the newfound technological requirements of litigators in alignment with their traditional roles of risk and cost management. Digital WarRoom recognizes that all of these responsibilities constitutes an iterative, nonlinear process. In this checklist, we establish complete list of points which form a more accurate depiction of the workflow of the modern day litigator.

This checklist is a major project written by industry expert Tom O'Connor of Gulf Coast Legal Technology Center and Jeremy Greer - Marketing Director at Digital WarRoom.

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