Native File Format Increasingly Makes Sense in eDiscovery

on Mon, Jul 20, 2020 By | Jeremy Greer | 0 Comments | Best Practices
Whether you are the requesting or producing party in litigation, it's important to consider the options for production formats. The chosen production format will affect the cost of discovery and in some case, the ease of review of the produced documents.
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Potential Pitfalls with Privilege Logs – California Case Law

on Mon, Jul 13, 2020 By | Alison ONeill | 0 Comments |
Why is it that the things that are good for us are so often just no fun? Things that come to mind are exercise, root canals, and privilege logs. Though these things may seem intimidating, it feels good once they have been accomplished.
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What is a Plea Deal? - Definition & Bargaining Process

on Mon, Jul 06, 2020 By | Jeremy Greer | 0 Comments | Glossary
The preferred way to resolve legal cases is with behind the scenes “deals” that are often done even before it reaches a judge and jury. Rather than undergoing an expensive and time-consuming court hearing, these “deals” can eradicate the entire process while potentially benefiting both parties to a certain degree.
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Top eDiscovery Certifications, Courses, Education & More

on Mon, Jun 29, 2020 By | Jeremy Greer | 0 Comments | Best Practices
Digital WarRoom supports a range of eDiscovery educational initiatives. Several organizations offer a range of services from eDiscovery training, to eDiscovery courses, networking and resources. We believe in Just, Speedy and Inexpensive eDiscovery. Many of the resources and initiatives we support are important catalysts in making eDiscovery accessible for all sized firms and all sized cases. These orgs are great opportunities to break into an eDiscovery career, advance a professional resume and gain knowledge from established eDiscovery veterans. I’ll also recommend a range of eDiscovery blogs, eDiscovery podcasts and eDiscovery books to stay up to date on trends and thought leadership.
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How to Protect Against Ransomware Attacks

on Mon, Jun 22, 2020 By | Bill Gallivan | 0 Comments | Best Practices
Cybercrime continues to cast a large shadow across the legal community, especially when it comes to ransomware. Within a single 24-hour period alone, three law firms were targets of such cybercriminal exploits, resulting in stolen data and the potential for sensitive information to be posted in public forums.
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Digital Forensics - Here's What Lawyers Need To Know

on Mon, Jun 15, 2020 By | Paulette Keheley | 0 Comments | Glossary
Discovery entails a fair amount of detective work for lawyers, as they comb through files and records searching for information that will support their case and provide evidentiary value. There are times, however, when professional investigators need to be brought in to dig deeper into available data and conduct more thorough analysis. 
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Email Discovery - How To Preserve, Collect, & Review

on Mon, Jun 08, 2020 By | Jeremy Greer | 0 Comments | Best Practices
Email is one of the most commonly collected forms of electronically stored information in legal matters. When a person or company is subpoenaed, the requesting party will most likely ask for all or a subset of the email box of each potentially relevant custodian. The search, interview, and legal hold process may be time-consuming, but just know that a good amount of the relevant data you are looking for more often than not is in email format. Both the producing party and the custodians themselves can use export functionality within their email application of choice to collect and deliver the email files in question. This pre-existing functionality should make it easier for lawyers to instruct custodians on proper preservation and collection practices.
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Legal Research 101: What Attorneys Need To Know

on Mon, Jun 01, 2020 By | Alison ONeill | 0 Comments |
Experienced lawyers know that some of the most valuable casework happens before they step into a courtroom or meet with opposing counsel. Not even the most knowledgeable and well-versed attorneys can be expected to remember every precedent, judicial ruling, and local doctrine that might make an impact on a case. It takes an enormous amount of work to find out where a particular case fits into the broader legal framework and what arguments will carry the most weight with a judge or jury. Legal research is a vital part of any lawsuit or legal matter, giving both parties the information they need to support their cases and make a compelling argument.
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What Is Litigation in Law?

on Mon, May 25, 2020 By | Paulette Keheley | 0 Comments | Glossary
Litigation is a term often heard when speaking with legal professionals or even while watching some movies or TV shows. The word “litigation” is usually confused with the similar term “lawsuit.” They are both related but are not to be used interchangeably.
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Redaction: Now It’s Personal

on Mon, May 18, 2020 By | Alison ONeill | 0 Comments |
Redaction is never having to say you are sorry – for the inadvertent disclosure of sensitive or privileged data. With heightened concern regarding Personally Identifiable Information or PII, and the ever-present unease about inadvertent disclosure of confidential information and loss of privilege, an easy to use, reliable redaction tool is a “must have” item when working with Electronically Stored Information.  
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