Digital WarRoom Single Matter - Hosted eDiscovery

A Cloud Based eDiscovery Subscription For Hosting a Single Matter Without The Long Term Commitment

$250/Month for 25 GBs, $10/GB thereafter


Digital WarRoom Single Matter puts powerful, high-end eDiscovery technology in your hands starting at $250/Month with no long-term commitment. Schedule a live screen-share demo today to get your first taste of our highly personalized training sessions from senior professionals who will share knowledge, tools and workflows to help you meet your requirements. When you join Digital WarRoom, you are not just a customer. We consider you a part of our family. Urgent deadline?  We will personalize our training to your needs and timeline so that you can complete your requirements.

Experience a plethora of features for processing, review and production of electronic documents. Digital WarRoom offers workflow flexibility and the added quality of life of completing tasks in less clicks.



Pay only $250 flat in your first month for unlimited data and users. Don’t pay for irrelevant junk files. Use Digital WarRoom culling tools to reduce data volume and cut costs in subsequent months.


DWR Single Matter is Specifically Recommended for Firms and Organizations…

  • With 1 to 4 matters (open up a separate subscription for each)
  • That anticipate the possible need for heightened access to an experienced eDiscovery support team
  • That would like to implement eDiscovery software without the need for capital expenses, or IT infrastructure management
  • Ready to utilize the capabilities of a modern-day, secure cloud platform to handle client data


All Digital WarRoom subscriptions utilize identical features and interface functionality which include the following:

  • Processing
  • OCR
  • Culling
  • Deduplication
  • Data visualization
  • Keyword searching
  • Filtering
  • Redaction
  • Privilege log
  • Custom marks
  • Productions
  • Export and ingestion in industry standard load file formats.


Looking For Differentiators Between DWR Single Matter And Competitors?

  • Fully DIY – All standard features can be utilized without the need for a 3rd party consultant to intervene
  • Remote Desktop Implementation Allows Fast Document-to-Document Review Speed regardless of your office or home connection.
  • More Metadata Available - Digital WarRoom allows document review in native viewers which hold the richest metadata
  • Familiar Feel for users accustomed to using Windows applications
  • Workflow Flexibility – Multiple avenues for varying preferences on ways to accomplish similar tasks. No workflow requirements on when to OCR or image documents so you can jump into review as quickly as possible
  • Customizability – Pop out any panel as needed and move it to a separate monitor. Create custom marks and fields. Organize and show/hide columns.


Digital WarRoom Single Matter gives you every opportunity to minimize eDiscovery costs. You read that right.

  • No More Than $10/GB/Month for hosting with 3 users included – hard to beat that with a month to month commitment
  • No Further Fees (!) – Especially not the dreaded processing fee.
  • We Publish Our Pricing – Read our pricing tables here. Hard to imagine this is a differentiator, but you’d be surprised
  • Price Match GuaranteeWe are confident that Digital WarRoom pricing offers superior value. Digital WarRoom will match any public, credible competitor pricing offer, or billing structure (minimum $250/Month).
  • Additional Pricing Tiers are available to reduce cost per GB as your matter data exceeds 100 and 400 GBs in size
  • No Fees For Duplicate Documents
  • Near-Line Capabilities - Inactive matter? Stuck in a holding pattern? Near-line/archive your matter(s) for $0.20/GB/Month with a $50 minimum
  • No Matter Migration Fees - Migrating data & work product from another tool? We’ll handle it – No charge
  • No Support Fees – and this isn’t your standard support


Premier Support

  • Unlimited, Personalized Training Sessions In Your First Month. Digital WarRoom experts guarantee your success with 1 Month of included training. You may schedule multiple, personalized screen-share training in your first month
  • Unlimited, Highly Responsive Email Help Desk. 75% of tickets receive responses within 1 business hour and our service level agreement (SLA) requires a response on all tickets within 4 business hours
  • Unparalleled Consultative Expertise. Immediate and ongoing access to senior eDiscovery professionals
  • Included project management consultation in 15-minute increments to help organize your workflow and meet deadlines effectively
  • Public Access to Support Documentation  including our user guide, training videos and blog articles
  • Meet Deadlines Effectively – With sufficient notice, our team can help you meet obligations and deadlines whether that requires email support, training, or paid professional services.


Guaranteed Security Backed In Writing

  • DWR owns and manages its servers and infrastructure
  • No Third Parties: Client data cannot be accessed by third parties or subcontractors like AWS or Azure
  • Required two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect against account takeover
  • Digital WarRoom issues all credentials and manages all permissions
  • Well established, independently audited disaster recovery and breach protocols are in place for instant response
  • Digital WarRoom is able to offer the strongest contractual security obligations of all cloud eDiscovery vendors due to our internally managed hosting facilities


Benefits of Hosting Over On-Premise

  • The environment can be accessed remotely by concurrent users
  • DWR Professionals can access your environment (with permission) for training and support
  • Security risks are outsourced to DWR
  • Improved processing power
  • No capital expenses
  • Easy setup

Digital WarRoom Single Matter Workflow

  • Upload or deliver Client and Opposing party data

  • Allow your Digital WarRoom team to train/assist

  • Process, OCR, index for keyword searching

  • Explore your documents, filter for gross relevancy

  • Remove or suppress non-relevant documents

  • Review documents, tag, claim construction 

  • Manage a privilege log, redact documents

  • Produce documents in a variety of formats

  • Segregate for experts and protective orders

  • Prepare for depositions, exhibits

Other Facts and Features

  • Install, process, and review documents within a day

  • Easy to learn, free training and support

  • Unlimited GB Processing

  • 500 file types can be processed, reviewed, produced

  • De-NIST process removes application software, .exe files, and other non-relevant program files 

  • Clear exception reports help you identify corrupt or encrypted documents and process exceptions

  • Early Case Assessment: graphical “Who to Whom” feature quickly scope document volumes and determine review resource requirements

  • Portable document binders support paperless depositions and document sharing

  • Load adverse/3rd party data with load files wizard

  • Automatic draft privilege log generation

  • Defensible: Detailed tracking of document chain of custody, all content, decisions, actions.

  • Starting at $250/ month for 25 GB