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Posted by Jeremy Greer | Mon, Jun 29, 2020

Digital WarRoom supports a range of eDiscovery educational initiatives. Several organizations offer a range of services from eDiscovery training, to eDiscovery courses, networking and resources. We believe in Just, Speedy and Inexpensive eDiscovery. Many of the resources and initiatives we support are important catalysts in making eDiscovery accessible for all sized firms and all sized cases. These orgs are great opportunities to break into an eDiscovery career, advance a professional resume and gain knowledge from established eDiscovery veterans. I’ll also recommend a range of eDiscovery blogs, eDiscovery podcasts and eDiscovery books to stay up to date on trends and thought leadership.



  • eDiscovery Certification
  • eDiscovery Courses
  • Regional Chapters
  • Webinars

ACEDS is the one stop shop for ediscovery training and the ACEDs certification. To break into eDiscovery – we highly recommend becoming ACEDs certified which is the certification to have in the eDiscovery industry. Included is an eDiscovery essentials module, followed by a ACEDs prep module which prepares you for the test. Next you must sign up to take the official test at an approved testing location.

The information in these modules have been aggregated across a range of industry professionals, and these trainings represent the foundation for which all eDiscovery providers base their workflows.

Also take a look at the eDiscovery Checklist Manifesto, a helpful resource co-written by Digital WarRoom and ACEDs to make sure you consider every step in the eDiscovery process



The Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) is an infographic which describes important stages that make up the eDiscovery workflow. They have a large breadth of educational assets and resources. EDRM is well known for their diagram and thought leadership regarding official descriptions of all stages within the EDRM diagram and ediscovery workflow. The EDRM recently started a job board connecting job-seekers with relevant firms and electronic discovery professionals. This job board is an excellent way for candidates to jump-start their electronic discovery careers.

  • Blog
  • Webinars
  • Budget Calculators
  • Security Audit Questionnaire
  • EDRM Job Board



NALA is a national association of paralegals that focuses on continuing education, certifications, and networking. They offer textbooks, e discovery training for paralegals, an e discovery certification, and other opportunities.

  • Advanced Paralegal certification
  • Webinars
  • Networking and Professional Development


OLP – Organization of Legal Professionals

OLP provides a yearly membership which grants access to ongoing training, webinars and eDiscovery education opportunities to legal professionals.

  • Advanced eDiscovery bootcamp Course
  • Webinars & Tech Talks


Women in eDiscovery

Provides women with education, resources and networking opportunities to explore growth avenues in their careers in eDiscovery

  • Regional Chapters
  • Networking and personal development
  • eDiscovery Education


eDiscovery Education Center (EDEC) (formerly LawCLE Center)

The eDiscovery Education Center, which was started by Michael R Arkfeld, is dedicated to providing legal practitioners and associated professionals with the most current, relevant eDiscovery information and practices, essential to the development of a competent, professional group. EDEC provides high quality, live, online and on-demand ecourses, supplemented with substantive written material, model forms, on-demand video instruction, and other resources. The course are based around Arkfeld's acclaimed eDiscovery publication set.

EDEC offers:

  • eDiscovery assessment
  • Basic and advanced on-demand courses
  • Live instructional eDiscovery course for all levels
  • eDiscovery certification


Sedona Conference

Sedona Conference offers publications which overview rule changes and best practices in eDiscovery. Their commentary is valuable when seeking clarifications on eDiscovery requirements and rules.

  • Publications
  • “Think-tank” style dialogues


In-Person eDiscovery Conferences

Many of which have switched to a virtual format for the 2020 cycle.

Legal Week – New York

ILTA – Various Locations

ABA Techshow – Chicago

UF Law E-Discovery Conference - Gainesville, Florida

LAPA Tech: Annual Legal Technology Expo - Los Angeles


eDiscovery Books

eDiscovery For Everyone – Ralph Losey

The Solo and Small firm Legal Technology Guide – Sharon Nelson, John Simek

Electronic Discovery For Small Cases – Bruce Olson & Tom O’Connor

The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande

Check ABA publishing for more



eDiscovery Buyers Guides

eDiscovery Buyers Guide - Brett Burney & Chelsey Lambert

ABA Buyers Guide


eDiscovery Podcasts

Digital Detectives

The Law Entrepreneur

Paralegal Voice Perspectives Podcast

Uncivil Procedure


eDiscovery Blogs

Ball in Your Court (Craig Ball)

Complex Discovery (Rob Robinson)

eDiscovery Assistant (Kelly Twigger)

eDiscovery Today (Doug Austin)

Ride The Lightning (Sharon Nelson)

LawSites (Bob Ambrogi)

Techno Gumbo (Tom O'Connor)

Legaltech News

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