Searching for an eDiscovery provider? Digital WarRoom offers a comprehensive eDiscovery tool set for processing, document review, and production. This includes training, all for no more than $10/GB/Month. Find out why Digital WarRoom stands out among eDiscovery companies ...


eDiscovery Software Packages

Digital WarRoom Offers Three eDiscovery Solutions With Identical Features

Pro Software: Manage client case documents and electronic discovery on your own machine. Single Matter: Hosted eDiscovery software for one matter. Private Cloud: Your firm's own virtual discovery software environment for all matters and multiple clients.


The Digital WarRoom Family

When you join Digital WarRoom, you become a part of our family.  We would like to train you and your team to be top 10% eDiscovery professionals ready to tackle litigation with ease. Together, we can fulfill our vision of making eDiscovery a Just, Speedy, and Affordable experience.
  • Included Training
  • Affordable
  • Speedy & Powerful
  • Secure

Included Training

Bringing e discovery systems in-house may come with a learning curve. Some providers offer eDiscovery services or training. Some ediscovery firms offer just software. Digital WarRoom takes a hybrid approach.  During the initial onboarding phase, our senior eDiscovery professionals will provide training and matter-specific support over a screen share. Our email help desk is always free.

Digital WarRoom Features

Automatic Document Processing

Advanced Filtering & Keyword Search

Create A Custom Palette For Marks & Tags

Privilege Log & Redactions

Early Case Assessment & Analysis Tools

De-duplication & Culling


DWR 10.0 Review Interface 1280

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Legal AI Misses the Bullseye

Legal AI Misses the Bullseye

Digital WarRoom created and updates GIST, a TAR 2.0 coding tool, often characterized as an AI tool. In the last five years, Digital WarRoom customers have primarily used GIST as a document review prioritization tool. In this article, Tom O'Connor, our favorite critic, debunks heavy reliance on tools that claim to have AI, noting that legal strategy must necessarily rely on attorney intelligence (AI).

Ethical Cost Recovery in E-Discovery

Ethical Cost Recovery in E-Discovery

Tips, tools and guidelines for recovering expenses for firm eDiscovery activities

Electronic Discovery for the Rest of Us: Part 2

Electronic Discovery for the Rest of Us: Part 2

Formalized changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure with regards to eDiscovery were made in December of 2006 as the culmination of a period of debate and review that started in March 2000. Prior to those codified changes, there were several landmarks in the development of the eDiscovery space.

eDiscovery Triage - Exceptions, Unusual Files, & OCR

eDiscovery Triage - Exceptions, Unusual Files, & OCR

Following the completion of your eDiscovery processing job, experienced professionals check for exceptions, consider unviewable file types, and review the statistics on documents that were unable to be indexed during processing.

ACEDS announces Partnership Renewal with Digital WarRoom

ACEDS announces Partnership Renewal with Digital WarRoom

The Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS), announced the renewal of their strategic partnership with Digital WarRoom.

Electronic Discovery for the Rest of Us: Intro

Electronic Discovery for the Rest of Us: Intro

In 2010, noted e-discovery consultant Craig Ball wrote a fascinating article in Law Technology News entitled "E-Discovery for Everybody." That column came to be known as the "Edna Challenge" because in it, Craig posited a solo practitioner named Edna with an e-discovery budget of $1,000 and asked how she could possibly perform any e-discovery on that amount.