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The eDiscovery Checklist Manifesto Webinar - Tuesday, March 19th. 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern.

From the moment litigation becomes imminent until a settlement or judgement - you cannot afford to miss
anything. The traditional EDRM model was developed in 2005 to provide litigators with common language and
baseline steps for which to evaluate service providers. While the EDRM is still useful, the industry has matured.

How has the eDiscovery industry evolved?

1. It no longer takes a collection of teams and experts
to navigate eDiscovery
2. DIY eDiscovery is now available at affordable rates
3. Attorneys are now expected to be technologically
educated on issues relating to eDiscovery

Join Tom O’Connor, Bill Gallivan and Jeremy Greer in this
checklist manifesto webinar as we discuss points that every
litigator should consider during an eDiscovery project.

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