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The eDiscovery Checklist Manifesto Webinar - Hosted by ACEDS

Litigation can be a series of complex, dynamic and unpredictable events and a good checklist can provide a framework for handling those events in a consistent, repeatable process. This webinar will serve as a complete guide to checklists covering the entire e-discovery process, which allows you to be a zealous advocate for your client while managing time, budget and risk and ensuring your process is defensible. ACEDS Advisory Board Member Tom O’Connor from Gulf Coast Legal Technology Center, ACEDS President Mike Quartararo, and Robert Powell from ACEDS’ Partner Digital WarRoom will walk you through the checklists and provide actionable tips on how to handle eDiscovery in a manner that is just, speedy and inexpensive.


How To Manage eDiscovery Costs And Legal Risks - Hosted by OLP

Featuring top eDiscovery consultant Tom O'Connor and Bill Gallivan - Co-Founder of Digital WarRoom

Tom and Bill will be discussing the importance of eDiscovery, relevant eDiscovery obligations, methods of managing cost vs risk, and new frameworks for approaching eDiscovery in 2020.   

This presentation is perfect for legal professionals who need a refresher on important points to consider in starting or optimizing an eDiscovery practice within their respective firm.



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