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Posted by Jeremy Greer | May 1, 2020 3:01:16 PM

What is Near-line?

According to Wikipedia: Near-line is an intermediate type of data storage that represents a compromise between online storage (supporting frequent, very rapid access to data) and offline storage/archiving (used for backups or long-term storage, with infrequent access to data).


Feature:  Archive inactive data in the Digital WarRoom cloud. At any time, we can spin up your data into an active matter for document review.


Preservation: Use Digital WarRoom near-line as your landing spot for collected data in preparation for document review. We can ensure that metadata is not altered and that your data stays safely in a single location as you continue your collection efforts.


Archive: Matters often enter a “holding period”. This refers to a period of time after you complete your initial review and production obligations. You may anticipate a possible need to bring your matter back online in the future. Consider archiving your matters with Digital WarRoom near-line. Just let us know when you would like to spin up or spin down each matter between active and near-line.


Pricing:  20¢ / Gb / month. $50 minimum per customer includes unlimited matters. Each matter is invoiced individually.


Near-line will be launching in the month of May - now offered as an an option with our Single Matter and Private Cloud hosted subscriptions.

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