DWR Single Matter - How to Buy

Please fill out all form fields accurately, as they will be used to autofill your Digital WarRoom contract. The contract will be sent to the contract signer and contract cc email automatically within a couple minutes.

Upon form submission, Digital WarRoom will send you a contract for you to review and sign in our online viewer. Your contract can be easily signed in PandaDoc - a defensible digital notary and competitor to DocuSign. However if you prefer, you can print out the contract, sign it manually, scan it, and email it to us at info@digitalwarroom.com

Please note: as an added safety measure, we now require Duo Two Factor Authentication (2FA) which we will set up for your using your cell phone number. 

After signing your contract, our developers will notify you when your virtual environment has been set up.

At the end of each month following the "effective date" we will send an invoice to the emails specified in the "Bill to and Billing CC" section of the form.

For all questions, please contact info@digitalwarroom.com.