Digital WarRoom Pro Onboarding Guide

Step 1: Ensure Your Machine Meets the Hardware Requirements


Step 2: Download SQL Express

SQL Express is required for DWR to run. We recommend you download the free version.

Download SQL Express 2019 (Download Link) - Our preferred version of Microsoft SQL Server

If you already have SQL downloaded on your machine, you should be able to connect to your existing SQL instance when you create your first matter in DWR.


Step 3: Download Digital WarRoom Pro

The download link will be emailed to you upon purchase confirmation. You should be able to easily click through the installer. If you run into issues, please contact


Step 4: Set Up Your First Matter

This article will guide you through the necessary steps to configure Digital WarRoom Pro and get started.


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Step 5: Request and Input Your License Key

To reach the registration window, go to Matter->Help->Register within Digital WarRoom. Please copy and paste your request code into an email to Our support team will provide credentials which you should paste into the text box - shown in the video. This step is required to activate your full 1-year software license.


Step 6: Download Additional Software Viewers

Microsoft office, Pdf-XChange and more.

Software Viewers-1


Bonus Step: Take Advantage of Training Resources

Contact our help desk for a fast response on all support requests: This is our ticketing system monitored by our entire team and is our preferred point of contact.



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