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New Users - The product available below will automatically include a 10 day free trial key. However, it may take some time before you are up and running with Digital WarRoom Pro. Before you can get started, you must download SQL Express for free (linked below). Please note: the free trial product is provided as is.

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To upgrade to a full subscription, please email Once you enter your full license key, your ten day trial will immediately be extended to a one year license.

Customers - The download link is the same whether you are updating Digital WarRoom Pro or downloading it for the first time.


Please take note of these important links:

Microsoft SQL Express 2012 Download - Our preferred download to a Microsoft product.

Note: Digital WarRoom Pro works with Microsoft SQL Express version 2016 or earlier. If you have a newer version, please download our preferred version above.

Video Tutorial on Downloading and Installing Microsoft SQL Express

Video Tutorial on Downloading and Installing Digital WarRoom Pro


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