Learnpaper: eDiscovery Commoditization and the Coming Law Firm Boom

Posted by Michele C.S. Lange | Fri, Nov 09, 2018

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Digital WarRoom is on a mission to restore balance between law firms and ediscovery vendors ... law firms are getting the short end of the stick.

While eDiscovery services have grown from several hundred million per year in print and copy fees to a $5 Billion eDiscovery segment based on managing electronically stored information (ESI),  litigation and paralegal fees have not grown in a similar manner. This TL Research Learnpaper explores this nature of an unsustainable ‘bubble’ in vendor fees, as well as how law firms can take advantage of it by insourcing their eDiscovery — i.e., handling more of the work internally just as they do with all other aspects of their litigation cases.

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Written by Michele C.S. Lange

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