Learnpaper: How Intellectual Property Law Firm Carlson Caspers Reduced Its Ediscovery Costs by 99%

Posted by Neil Squillante | Tue, Dec 04, 2018

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Beginning in 2014, the clients of Minneapolis-based Carlson Caspers Vandenburgh and Lindquist, PA. (Carlson Caspers) started to see something unprecedented — a steady and significant drop in ediscovery-related costs even as they picked up more cases.

Somehow, Carlson Caspers reduced its average monthly ediscovery costs from $91.54/GB in 2014 to $1.00/GB today. This TL Research Learnpaper written by Neil J. Squillante explains how Carlson Caspers worked with Digital WarRoom, its ediscovery vendor, to "insource" the work it used to outsource, forwarding the cost savings to its clients.

It also explains why this vendor willingly abandoned its business model to make this transition at Carlson Caspers possible. Check out Carlson Caspers Intellectual Property Law firm at https://www.carlsoncaspers.com/

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Written by Neil Squillante

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