• Expand PSTs and zip files
  • Deduping and deNISTing
  • Date and file extension culling
  • Index for keywords and filtering
  • ECA tools and reports
  • Search, sort and view in native format
  • Tag
  • Redact
  • Priv log generation
  • Native production
  • Generate TIFF images
  • Endorse, Bates stamp
  • Export productions with loadfiles

Transparent Pricing: plan effectively, budget accurately and control costs.

At Digital WarRoom, we believe that you should know the cost of ediscovery up-front, with no expensive surprises. You’ll never pay a per GB fee for processing!
Below are some examples of typical start-up costs.  Or you can download the full price list.


Digital WarRoom Product

License Fee

Review Teams
2 to 100 or more Reviewers. WorkGroup software on your PC, Server or Network hosts case data, processing and production engines. Add a Reviewer license for each document review user.
Digital WarRoom WorkGroup™
Quick Start:
One-day complete installation and training assures your success.


WorkGroup Server:
Perpetual Server license with Administrator Management license included. Renew only the Reviewer licenses each year.



Designate™ Reviewer License:
1-year Reviewer License


Team of 5 Reviewers
Based on the pricing above, your cost of WorkGroup with 1 Administrator and 5 Reviewers:


Team of 10 Reviewers
Based on the pricing above, your cost of WorkGroup with 1 Administrator and 10 Reviewers:


One User
Great for early case assessment, or end-to-end document review and production for typical matters.
Digital WarRoom Pro™
One-year license includes website and email support, access to best practices and training.


WorkGroup Implementation Notes:
Special Requirements? The Digital WarRoom Implementation team works with every client to optimize the installation for your case patterns, data volume and number of reviewers.
Visit the WorkGroup product page to view the product brief and system requirements, or contact a Digital WarRoom ediscovery expert to discuss an implementation plan.