Digital WarRoom® Pro

Professional ediscovery software is no longer reserved for high-budget, large matters. If you have been challenged and frustrated by the technical hurdles involved in processing and reviewing documents in response to an ediscovery order, Digital WarRoom® (DWR) Pro is the first desktop ediscovery application designed for you!

DWR Pro is a Windows-based ediscovery application for small to medium matters. Pro is ideal for law firms, litigation support and other legal professionals, who need a quick reliable way to process, analyze and review e-mail and business documents in response to litigation, investigations, or other legal challenges.

With DWR Pro, the workflow all happens in one application:

  • Create a case file
  • Drag and drop email folders, documents, .zip or other container files from a network, local drive or media right into DWR Pro
  • DWR Pro automatically extracts the mail messages and documents from those files, indexes them and creates a searchable database.
  • Use  keyword search, filters and analytics tools in DWR Pro to  identify key topics and relationships, and confirm that you have collected from the proper custodians
  • Review and tag documents for responsiveness or privilege
  • Within days (or even hours, depending on the volume of documents) you can produce native files, load files, or print documents for delivery to courts or opposing counsel – on time and within budget

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Rapid Start: Install, process, and review documents within an hour
  • Unlimited processing capability – eliminates time and expense of processing on a separate tool
  • No limits on case count or GB volumes
  • Over 500 file types can be processed, reviewed and produced
  • Complete de-NIST process removes application software, .exe files, and other program files that are not relevant for ediscovery; you search and review only custodian files containing potentially relevant content
  • Clear, detailed exception reports help you identify corrupt or encrypted documents and other processing exceptions
  • Easy to learn, easy to use; view and open email messages in a viewer similar to Microsoft Outlook
  • Portable document binders support paperless Depositions and document sharing
  • Early Case Assessment – graphical “Who to Whom” feature quickly scope document volumes and determine review resource requirements
  • End-to-End Solution – from identification to post-production deposition preparation; control your costs with one complete system
  • Detailed tracking of all content, decisions, actions; generate reports to track chain of custody, support defensibility
  • Redaction – robust redaction capabilities
  • Export Documents – includes support for Concordance, Summation, and EDRM xml and more simple
  • Automatic Privilege Log generation

Are you ready for DWR Pro? Read the System Requirements.