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Doctor Algorithm – Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love TAR 2.0

eDiscovery: Do-It-Yourself Or Hire An Outside eDiscovery Provider?

What are the pitfalls and disadvantages of doing eDiscovery yourself or outsourcing to an eDiscovery expert? There are several factors to consider security, cost, timeframe, scaleability, the list goes on. The decision could make or break a case. In this podcast, panelists discuss the pros and cons of both options. Hear this ACEDS podcast to learn more.

Digital WarRoom – ACEDS Taxation of Fees: Trends & Tips for Cost Recovery

Digital WarRoom Demo

Migrating Case Data from Summation to Digital WarRoom

Digital WarRoom Pro Desktop eDiscovery

Yes, Digital WarRoom Pro can really do all the eDiscovery tasks that you currently hire 2 or 3 outside
vendors to do! Watch a step-by-step demo, as documents are processed, reviewed, and produced.

Wall Street Business Network Speaks with Digital WarRoom on business cost control of litigation expenses with Digital WarRoom

“About Money” host Mike Adams interviews Justin Farmer, General Counsel about Digital WarRoom’s disruptive pricing and how it is helping GC’s reign in their eDiscovery spend.

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FOX Business News

Today’s Business News host Steve Wojtanek interviews Bill Gallivan about challenges in the eDiscovery marketplace, and the compelling new approach DWR is taking with Digital WarRoom.

“eDiscovery for Everyone” is not just about affordable pricing and easy to use software.  The work process and best practices are also a key to successful eDiscovery.

What is ESI Processing?  What is a load file?  How can we create a privilege log?

At Digital WarRoom, we understand that you need to focus on the legal case at hand, and eDiscovery is just one piece of the big picture.  We created the Success Series webinars to help you get the information and answers you need to build case strategy, get to the most important documents, and deliver on discovery orders with timely, accurate productions.

To produce the Success Series webinars, we invite the best experts in the industry to share their knowledge and advice.  There’s never a fee for these educational sessions.

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Managing Privileged Documents

In this session Tom O’Connor introduces the rules and case law surrounding identification and securing of privileged documents and communications in the course of eDiscovery, including the guidelines for creating a privilege log, and the importance of FRE502 provision for clawbacks; considering and negotiating a clawback agreement.  A demonstration of privilege features in Digital WarRoom, and how to automatically create a privilege log.

Digital WarRoom Portable Case Data

Most law firms and corporations experience a mix in the size and type of cases.  The universal Digital WarRoom platform makes it possible to manage and review a case database where it makes most sense: desktop, network server, or in the cloud.  Learn how the Digital WarRoom platform approach makes it easy to move a case database between the client site, law firms, and SaaS hosting environment.  This session also covers portable document binders for depositions and other use scenarios.

Migrating an eDiscovery Case from AD Summation to Digital WarRoom

This session is for any law firm or corporate team considering a switch from AD Summation, Concordance, or Relativity to gain greater control over your eDiscovery budget, and ESI processing and document productions.  A migration is painless – Digital WarRoom WorkGroup allows you field-map data (including work product) from most legacy platforms right into Digital WarRoom.

ESI Collection: The Basics

This session will introduce basic concepts in data collection (or acquisition) in eDiscovery, including:

  • ESI:  Definition and Sources
  • Basics of defensible collection
  • Case Law examples: Avoiding Sanctions
  • Vetting your provider: Key questions

eDiscovery Document Production

In the Lawyer’s Guide to eDiscovery Document Production you’ll learn the basics of this critical step in the eDiscovery process, including:

  • Tips for production planning
  • Images vs. native document production
  • What can make load files problematic
  • How-to on Bates numbering & endorsements, attachments and email threads
  • How to handle a clawback situation