Digital WarRoom® REMOTE

Digital WarRoom (DWR) Remote offers the same comprehensive capabilities and cost savings advantages as the enterprise Digital WarRoom® e-discovery Suite, but available in a hosted solution.

Using scalable and reliable technology backed by proven eDiscovery workflow, Digital WarRoom Remote gives you control of your matters by allowing you to efficiently and securely manage, review and produce data without the need for costly software licenses, complicated installation, or investment in hardware and additional IT resources. Now your litigation support teams can be up and running with access to your documents in less than a day.

DWR Remote is a flexible and robust e-discovery software as a service (SaaS) solution tailored for medium to large sized matters. Our hosted product is highly efficient, offering users access control management, matter project management, robust document review and work product designation, collection based processing, and experienced technical support. Digital WarRoom Remote is scalable and will immediately support up to 50 simultaneous users – all for a predictable and manageable monthly subscription fee.


  • Early Case Assessment
  • Immediate Review
  • Robust attorney work product capture providing instant and auditable records
  • High volume, high speed native and image production
  • Sophisticated reporting


  • Comprehensive, cost effective, and secure
  • Economies of scale remove per GB price barriers and allow for immediate scalability
  • No missed deadlines
  • Anywhere secure access
  • Seamless workflow

The Digital WarRoom Remote Subscription comes with everything you need to make distributed and large matter teams work efficiently. It includes collection based processing, review, hosting, high volume production services, access to our enterprise-ready hosted software platform, and end-user training and support.

“Process over 500 file types, including extracting contents of email mailboxes and container files.”