Digital WarRoom® Private Cloud

A cloud-based eDiscovery solution that encompasses the entire EDRM in one environment.

eDiscovery Management is now in your hands. This all-in-one integrated platform returns control of your client’s data to you.

Digital WarRoom Private Cloud Tools Include:

  • scalable multi matter hosting
  • unlimited client data processing
  • early case assessment (ECA) and gross relevancy calling
  • cutting edge document review tool
  • privileged review and logging
  • robust document production features and options
  • adverse production hosting
  • support for depositions, exhibits and clawbacks

To ensure your team is self sufficient with Digital WarRoom, each subscription includes one month of:

  • matter migration
  • structured and hands on training
  • matter specific professional services
  • custom report generation for your firm’s cost recovery model

Everything you need to stay in compliance with State and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) Rule 26 and Rule 34 regarding disclosure and production of documents.

The Private Cloud subscription software as a service (SaaS) platform features Digital WarRoom software and scalable hardware with secure access control systems.

Advanced eDiscovery Analytics

  • Integrated analytics: identify key players, topics, events and foreign language documents
  • Early case assessment tools provide the ability to formulate initial case strategy and sound eDiscovery agreements
  • Gist, an integrated predictive coding engine, is available on-demand with weekly reports to allow you to track prediction confidence levels

Cost Effective and Easy to Use

  • Scales up and down to support every size matter
  • Access data from mobile devices and desktops
  • Use wizards to setup workflows for effective review strategies
  • Intuitive tools such as drag and drop and browsing capabilities for data
  • Over 500 files types are supported which eliminates frustration
  • Unicode compliance, natural language processing and support for over 100 languages
  • Multiple export options for transfer to other databases, productions and depositions

Defensible and Secure

  • Robust cloud infrastructure with the highest level of security available including options for IP filtering, DUO three factor authentication, encryption at rest and FTPS
  • All in one design eliminates the risk of data loss when transferring data between tools
  • Defensible document chain of custody from preservation to exhibits
  • Produce in native, image, or load file format in full compliance with eDiscovery order
  • Automated privilege log tracks activity and documents decisions

Professional Support Always Available via Digital WarRoom Plus

If you run into challenges while reviewing or producing, support is available on a per day or per project basis. With permission, we can access the environment and step in to help immediately.

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With your assistance we have been able to speed up the review by approximately 5 weeks!eDiscovery Manager (AmLaw 100 Law Firm)