Digital WarRoom® Pro Software

An all in one, Desktop eDiscovery Application Licensed to a Single Machine

Professional eDiscovery software is no longer reserved for large, high budget federal matters. Our software targets small to medium law firms, litigation support and other legal professionals. Digital WarRoom Pro is capable of managing multiple matters and millions of documents.

Frustrated by the technical hurdles of completing an eDiscovery order? Digital WarRoom Pro is an application designed for you!

Pro is a quick and reliable way to process, analyze, review and produce business documents in compliance with state and federal rules.

Digital WarRoom Workflow using Pro:

  1. Create a case file
  2. Simply drag and drop file folders, zip files, container files or complete email boxes from a network or local drive right into Pro
  3. Pro automatically extracts metadata from all types of documents and indexes them to create a searchable database
  4. Use keyword search, filters and analytics tools to identify key topics and relationships, and confirm that you have collected from the proper custodians
  5. Review and tag documents for responsiveness or privilege
  6. Soon your documents will be ready for delivery. You can produce native files, load files, or print documents for delivery to courts or opposing counsel – on time and within budget
  7. Load adverse party documents
  8. Prepare for depositions or assemble exhibits for trial

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Rapid Start: install, process, and review documents within an hour
  • Easy to learn, easy to use
  • Open email messages in a viewer similar to Microsoft Outlook
  • Unlimited GB Processing Capability: eliminates time and expense of processing on a separate tool
  • No limits on the quantity of matters or documents
  • Over 500 file types can be processed, reviewed and produced
  • De-NIST process removes application software, .exe files, and other program files that are not relevant for eDiscovery
  • Clear exception reports help you identify corrupt or encrypted documents and other processing exceptions
  • Early Case Assessment: graphical “Who to Whom” feature quickly scope document volumes and determine review resource requirements
  • Robust document review tools and filters
  • Connect multiple reviewers to a pro database using Designate
  • Automate privilege log generation management with redaction
  • Portable document binders support paperless depositions and document sharing
  • Load adverse party data with load files – NEW FEATURE!
  • Detailed tracking of all content, decisions, actions; generate reports to track chain of custody, support defensibility
  • Automatic privilege log generation

Are you ready for Digital WarRoom Pro? Read the System Requirements.