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New Users- The product you have purchased (Version 8.9) or selected for trial use is available for download below. Download and save the file to a local drive. Please have your purchased activation key (delivered via email) available at time of installation. Please download the appropriate installation guide and read prior to beginning  your installation.

NOTE: If you are upgrading an older version of DWR, please deactivate your DWR license BEFORE you uninstall DWR. You may then use the same key on the new install.

Digital WarRoom® Pro (Version 8.9.6337.10004)

NOTE FOR 64 BIT USERS: If selecting the 64-bit version of Digital WarRoom, you will also need the 64-bit version of Alternatiff.  In addition, if you have installed a separate document browser such as QuickView Plus or Brava Viewer, these viewers must also be 64-bit.  If using a 32-bit document browser, please install the 32-bit version.
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Digital WarRoom® Designate (Version 8.9.6337.10002)  (Requires a license key)

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