npp-hot-product TechnoLawyer Exclusive: Product review of Digital WarRoom Private cloud version 8.8
TechnoLawyer Exclusive TechnoFeature Review
Disruptive eDiscovery pricing is finally here! Technolawyer’s product review of Digital WarRoom Private cloud shows you how you can handle all of your eDiscovery needs in the cloud with a best in class solution without having to pay the traditional per gigabyte fees!
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Consider 5 Things Before Choosing An E-Discovery Provider
When it comes to meeting your customer’s digital investigation needs, no one knows your customers better than you do. However, when it comes to choosing the right partner for the best in eDiscovery technology, people and expertise, sometimes it’s not that easy.
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6th Circuit: Taxable Costs Include Imaging Computer Hard Drive
The 6th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals affirmed a district court finding in Colosi v. Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc., 2015 U.S. App. LEXIS 4184 (6th Cir. Ohio 2015), which found that the cost of imaging a hard drive is a taxable cost recoverable by a prevailing party under 28 U.S.C. § 1920(4).
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Allowing Broad Awards, Court Breaks Abruptly from E-discovery Cost-Taxing Consensus
In a move that breaks sharply from recent judicial guidance, and appears even to beat against a door slammed shut by the Supreme Court, a federal judge in Colorado has awarded prevailing defendants in a civil rights suit more than $55,000 in costs incurred to respond to document requests — including those associated with search and retrieval of email and other ESI.
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Technology, eDiscovery and your Ethical Obligations
Rapid changes in cloud computing and social media are posing new challenges to the practice of law. Consider for a moment the questions brought before legal and e-discovery experts at the recent IT-Lex Conference in Winter Park: Can a law firm host client data in the cloud? Is it wise for an attorney to “friend” a witness on Facebook? Can a company claim ownership of the LinkedIn relationships created by employees?
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Native Production Makes Sense
Native format is simply the review and production of all file types in the format in which they were created by the source application. Examples of native file formats include Microsoft Word files in .doc or .docx, and email in .msg or .eml. New e-discovery review tools are capable of rendering the native file for review, without requiring the native application.
TechnoLawyer Exclusive: Turning the eDiscovery Challenge into an Opportunity
TechnoLawyer Exclusive TechnoFeature Review
Producing documents for litigation or investigations need not be a ‘black box’ of mysterious technology. With WorkGroup, litigation support professionals can process email and documents, analyze content and relationships, review, and produce using one software application. This end-to-end server-based application enables law firms to build a successful e-discovery practice.
TechnoLawyer Review by Bruce Olson
TechnoLawyer Exclusive TechnoFeature Review
Digital WarRoom features a typical Windows application interface. If you use Microsoft Outlook you’ll feel right at home with the program’s menus and controls in frames on the left of your screen. The spreadsheet view of the case contained in the main workspace is similar to Excel. The document viewer can be split off from the main screen for dual monitors.
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Digital WarRoom Arms Litigation Paralegals’ E-Discovery Arsenal
The DWR platform supports fast and efficient ESI processing, content analysis and data analytics (aka early-case assessment), review, tagging, and production of e-mail and documents for litigation, government investigations, M&As, and other legal issues.
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Magic Quadrant for E-Discovery Software
The E-Discovery Software Market is entering a phase of high growth, increasing maturity and inevitable consolidation.
Affordable Electronic Discovery on the Desktop
The industry focus on high-end tools and custom processes has tended to disregard the cost and technical challenges faced by corporations, sole practitioners, and larger law firms alike when handling small and medium eDiscovery matters. DWR Pro levels the playing field.
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Managing Privileged Documents in a Digital World
Privilege management is the process of searching, reviewing, marking and reporting on ESI – emails and electronically stored information – in the context of litigation or investigations, and in the process, capturing and reporting all detail on documents withheld due to privilege or work-product protection. Unfortunately, identifying, reviewing, annotating, and protecting privileged content is known as one of the exquisitely painful aspects of e-discovery, in large part because the process is still a laborious manual process for many legal teams.
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eDiscovery Get Your Game On
Summertime means baseball season. In the e-discovery field, it’s a whole new ballgame too. The state of Florida recently adopted new rules addressing e-discovery: the process of retrieving,saving and producing electronically stored information in anticipation of and response to litigation. The rules impose an obligation to identify data that is potentially relevant and reasonably accessible, as well as data that may be relevant but not accessible.