DWR Secure Data Transfer

    A Comprehensive, Managed File Transfer Solution Included With All Hosted Subscriptions For The Purpose Of Onboarding Your Data

    data transfer


    Digital WarRoom Secure Data Transfer (or XFER) will be used to onboard your data into Digital WarRoom hosted environments.  We will set up a folder in your DWR environment which will act as the landing spot for all collections uploaded to XFER. This tool is a simple and secure alternative to FTP and can be accessed via your browser.

    As an additional benefit, DWR Xfer includes an Ad Hoc Transfer module which allows your internal users to send and receive data and productions to recipients outside of your organization quickly, reliably, and securely, all without having to manually create or maintain FTP accounts. Secure Data Transfer is perfect for subscribers that need to securely send and receive work product containing sensitive or business-critical information to opposing counsel, or other third parties. The automated process is bi-directional, so the full product capabilities are available to both the sending and receiving parties.

    Secure Data Transfer also offers built-in full non-repudiation and auditing of files that have been sent and received. This is extremely important where auditing and tracking of data transfers must be verified. Transfers are managed entirely by the user without the need for DWR to intervene.


    Upload Data To Your Digital WarRoom Hosted Environment And Securely Transfer Sensitive Documents To Recipients Outside Of Your Organization