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    Digital WarRoom Supports Diverse Social Causes, Charitable Entities And Provides Pro Bono Legal Representation

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    Supporting Nonprofits

    Phillips Black

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    Phillips Black is a nonprofit law practice that provides legal representation to prisoners in the United States sentenced to the severest penalties under law. 


    Representative Pro Bono Work

    Below are just a few examples of the myriad of charitable endeavors we have undertaken.

    • Pro Bono (Time): Supporting detained immigrants seeking asylum or other forms of relief through the Northwest Immigrants Rights Project.

    • Pro Bono (Software and Support): Supporting the “Children’s’ Mental Health Initiative” in conjunction with Perkins Coie LLP.

    • Pro Bono (Hosting and Support): Providing eDiscovery consulting services, hosting records and identifying patterns across multiple states to support a civil liberties class action pertaining to Death Penalty cases.

    • Pro Bono (Hosting and Support): Providing eDiscovery consulting services on a high profile news media copyright infringement case.