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Digital WarRoom now offers our popular end-to-end eDiscovery solution to service providers ensuring professional results within reach of every law firm and every corporation.The Digital WarRoom team has a strong belief that well-designed technology can be accessible, affordable, and easy to use for all legal matters. With that goal in mind, Digital WarRoom empowers service and technology professionals to provide the Private Cloud solution to their clients.

Traditional eDiscovery services have catered to the mega-cases, yet due to the adoption of FRCP discovery rules, comprehensive eDiscovery is fast becoming the norm, no matter how small or large the case is. The Digital WarRoom platform is capable of handling every matter, regardless of size, in a cost efficient and consistent manner. The flexibility and scalability will fit any project at hand.

Expand your Service Offerings with Just, Speedy and Inexpensive eDiscovery

Numerous industry analysts are forecasting the eDiscovery market to continue its dramatic expansion. Law firms and corporate clients need help with achieving the higher expectations in managing eDiscovery.

If you are currently a leader in the legal technology services field, and interested in growing your business and increasing your value to clients, check out Digital WarRoom’s Private Cloud eDiscovery solution.

The ideal candidate for the Digital WarRoom Service Provider program:

  • An established service provider of litigation support services
  • A firm specializing in ESI collections and forensics services
  • Contract review service providers who want to streamline the e-discovery process while realizing significant savings in software costs

Program Overview

As a Digital WarRoom Service Provider, you will have access to our visionary team of software, technology and legal experts.

  • Expand your existing services to include ESI processing, case administration and support, project management, production and other complimentary services
  • Low upfront costs
  • Subscription based service eliminates the uncertainty of GB-based fees
  • Establish your own Digital WarRoom hosting center
  • Training and certification on Digital WarRoom platforms from leading eDiscovery experts
  • Ongoing support from the Digital WarRoom team of experts, dedicated to your success at every step
  • Assistance with proposals to gain additional clients
  • Joint marketing via product collateral, PR/media, events and speaking engagements

Join the Digital WarRoom Partner Program

Select the partner type that best suits your company

Channel Partners

Litigation support and eDiscovery firms looking to expand or increase their profitability with eDiscovery.

Referral Partners

Individuals in the legal or IT industries who have contacts who would benefit from using Digital WarRoom.

Technology Partners

Best in class software providers who believe their offerings can compliment Digital WarRoom best in class eDiscovery solution. We would love to hear from you!

Have an interested customer, but don’t want to become a Partner right now?
We’re happy to follow up with any customers you have that are interested in Digital WarRoom, even if you don’t wish to join our Partner Program to take advantage of benefits such as usage of our logo and being eligible for commissions.

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The Ideal Platform for the emerging mainstream e-discovery market.

We were immediately impressed with the end-to-end solution – processing, early case assessment, full review and production! With Digital WarRoom, we give our clients greater control over data, and significant savings on processing costsWalt Townes, President ABC Digital Solutions