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Transparent, simple and affordable

For 20 years Digital Warroom has supported a continuum from the largest organizations in the world to sole practitioners

EDISCOVERY for Everyone

Digital WarRoom delivers a common solution bundled to fit your unique requirements and budget.

DWR Pro - Desktop

An All In One, Desktop eDiscovery Application. Licensed to a Single Machine. Concurrent use Licenses Available

DWR Single Matter - Hosted

A Cloud Based eDiscovery Subscription For Hosting a Single Matter Without the Long Term Commitment. Tiered Pricing and NO processing fees with included users.

DWR Private Cloud - Hosted

A Firm-Wide, Cloud-Based eDiscovery Solution for All Matters and Your Entire Team - Tiered Pricing, Unlimited Users, NO Processing Fees.

Advanced Filtering & Keyword Searching

Filtering and searching will be the backbone of your document review workflow. Digital WarRoom allows users to narrow down to exact subsets of documents using multiple filter criteria in combination with one or more keywords.
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Automatic Document Processing

Loading data onto Digital WarRoom is as easy as dragging and dropping your collection onto the tool. Digital WarRoom will extract all metadata from your files for filtering. The tool will also index all words in your documents to make those words searchable during document review.
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Who to Whom

Most eDiscovery projects typically contain many emails. If you have 500 GBs of documents to review, its likely that you don’t have a strong idea of the documents in your review environment. Who to Whom (About What) provides a heat map grid of emails that hit on your keyword with individual email senders on y axis and all email recipients on x axis. In a quick glance, red and orange boxes show the most common email correspondence in the data set.
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Email Thread Visualizer

Email threads often diverge off in different directions when emailers cc and bcc different combinations of people throughout the thread. The email thread visualizer gives you the ability to visually track long threads across many users. It is important not to lose track of these email threads in eDiscovery as they often tell a story. For example: when one document hits on a relevant keyword, the entire thread may be worth reviewing more closely.
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Date Histogram

Filtering and searching will be the backbone of your document review workflow. Digital WarRoom allows users to narrow down to exact subsets of documents using multiple filter criteria in combination with one or more keywords.
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Legal Data Mastery

eDiscovery For Law Firms

Ediscovery firms play a pivotal role in the legal landscape, addressing a critical need for modern law practices. In an era where vast amounts of data are generated and stored electronically, law firms must harness the power of ediscovery to thrive. Law firms need ediscovery for several compelling reasons.
Step 1

Step 1

Firstly, it enables them to efficiently sift through mountains of digital information, saving time and resources. This efficiency is crucial for meeting tight deadlines and providing clients with cost-effective services.
Step 2

Step 2

Secondly, ediscovery ensures accuracy and completeness in legal investigations and proceedings. It helps law firms uncover relevant evidence, enhancing their ability to build strong cases and make informed decisions.
Step 3

Step 3

Lastly, it is essential for compliance with regulatory requirements, ensuring that law firms stay on the right side of the law themselves.

The Digital WarRoom Family

When you join Digital WarRoom, you become a part of our family. As part of your team, we will train you to deliver best in class eDiscovery for your clients.

Included Services

DWR Subscriptions include all standard services and training. Insource ediscovery with no onboarding fees.

Inexpensive Hosting

NO Processing Fees and NO User Fees. Predictable and Affordable pricing with Included Migration.

Speedy & Powerful

Digital WarRoom provides fast, high throughput document loading and work product coding.


The security of you data is our top priority. DWR employs Encryption, Two Factor Authentication, and no third parties.

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When it comes to ediscovery, making the right choice can be the difference between success and setbacks in your legal proceedings. At Digital WarRoom, we pride ourselves on being your trusted ediscovery assistant, offering cutting-edge e-discovery solutions and electronic discovery services to streamline your legal processes.
When you choose Digital WarRoom, you choose efficiency, accuracy, and peace of mind in the world of ediscovery.
Our robust e-discovery solutions are designed to simplify the complex task of electronic discovery, helping you navigate through vast amounts of digital data with ease.
What sets us apart is our commitment to delivering comprehensive electronic discovery services that cover the entire spectrum of your legal needs.
From data preservation to document review and production, we've got you covered, ensuring a seamless and defensible ediscovery process.
Trust us to be your partner in ediscovery, providing the tools and expertise needed to gain a competitive edge in today's legal landscape.