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DWR’s Find Similar is designed to locate and rank documents with similar concepts. 

Traditional Find Similar tools look for common words between documents. But this approach is susceptible to the shortfall of having unimportant or overly common words produce undesired matches.  The documents may be similar, but not in a meaningful way with respect to the document content. 

Documents Automatically Analyzed

Concepts, on the other hand, allow the ideas behind the search text to be considered.  DWR employs our Gist™ technology to catalogs appropriate metadata and all text to build a network of concepts based on the 'gist' of the content.  These conceptual units allow meaningful phrases and information to be directly compared to create a more relevant result based on document semantics (rather than just the presence or absence of specific common words).

DWR can show these concepts and connections in graph form to provide the reviewer with a quick overview of the driving factors behind the similarity search.

By comparing the relative strengths of the concepts, we can produce a relative strength indicator (RSI) to allow reviewers to understand why the comparison was made, and how much the retrieved documents match the initial search. A numeric value between zero and one gives the similarity results at a glance; the larger the value, the more the documents are like the initial concepts.

Similarity searches require no training period and can be tailored on the fly. 

DWR allows the user to generate the concepts by selecting a single document, multiple documents, or even snippets of text.  This facilitates faster searches and exploration of the document corpus and it greatly reduces search time.

Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize

In a deadline pinch, DWR Find Similar powered by Gist™ can be used defensibly to meet disclosure deadlines by providing critical decision making information quickly . The real value of any AI / TAR / GIST engine  is document prioritization. The first set of documents you look at should have the highest probative value.   

The benefits of GIST™ Assisted Review over manual review:

  • Rapidly analyze enormous data volumes around important content
  • Gain insight into topics and themes to inform case strategy
  • Prioritize review more effectively
  • Identify and eliminate costly review of low-value content
  • Defensible processes, transparent technology

DWR Find Similar Gist™ Assisted Review

“Gist is the main point of a question; the point on which the action rests; the pith of a matter; as, a gist of a question.” [Hoffman v. Knight, 127 Ala. 149, 156 (Ala. 1899)].


Avoid reviewing irrelevant documents. Get to the heart of your matter quickly with DWR Find Similar Gist Assisted Review