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Digital WarRoom® (DWR) is an e-discovery solution bringing together analysis, document processing, document review and production capabilities in one software package. Designed for use by in-house counsel and law firm legal support departments, Digital War Room is backed by the over 15 years of proven workflows, methodologies and technology used by our consulting group. This software allows legal professionals to address e-discovery obligations in a proven and cost-effective manner. Attorneys and litigation support professionals can process, analyze, review, and produce documents all with one integrated solution.  The result – greater efficiency, accuracy, and control.

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Digital WarRoom Provides Detailed Support at an Affordable Cost

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What are the differences between Digital WarRoom Pro and our Private Cloud Subscription?

The Digital WarRoom® interface for Pro and Private Cloud are essentially the same, except Digital WarRoom Pro is hosted on your computers instead of within our secure optimized cloud environment.  The following functionality is available in our Private Cloud subscription service but not with Digital WarRoom Pro.

IT Simple High Speed Computers – No hardware bottlenecks with burstable on demand Computer power for OCRing during processing and production, Imaging and endorsement of relevant production documents and high speed processing of client documents. Fully redundant disaster recovery with no capital costs or IT and maintenance expenses.

State of the Art Managed Security Service – controls with up to three factor user authentication.

Included GIST® Technology Assisted Review – document prioritization and predictive coding included free of charge and for any matter in the private cloud

Foreign Language Analysis – language identification and computer assisted translation services.

Sophisticated Multi-User Support – allowing multiple users to access a matter database simultaneously anywhere in the world.