In addition to comprehensive support provided by Digital WarRoom’s professional services consultants, all deployments of the Digital WarRoom® suite include the following training:

  • Installation, deployment, and system maintenance support
  • Administrator training and best practices recommendations
  • Train-the-Trainer Approach. Digital WarRoom will enable you to train your own paralegals, attorneys, contract attorneys, and litigation support personnel—saving you money and time and enabling you to quickly become the Digital WarRoom® specialist!

Training does not end with installation and deployment. Digital WarRoom will continue to provide ongoing support, in addition to providing best practices recommendations.

Contact the Digital WarRoom Support Team for more details: Digital WarRoom Support

Onsite Training

Bring an instructor to your location. You set the schedule – and we will tailor the course content specific to your needs. Course Description

Online One-on-One (or two)

Your own instructor at the click of a mouse! A low-cost but effective way of meeting your specific needs.  Webex software even allows you to show your own screen to the instructor to help him/her fully understand your needs