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Digital WarRoom Private Cloud WorkGroup® Customers only *

For all support requests, please go to our Digital WarRoom Support Center. When sending your support request please include:

  • Business or individual name used to purchase software/subscription
  • Description of issue (screenshots can be very helpful)
  • Console output (see FAQ about running in console mode)
  • If possible send along a copy of the load file or file giving you the issue

AND for non-Private Cloud WorkGroup customers:

  • Update of Digital WarRoom you are running (find the dwr exe in your programs folder, right click properties and select details).  If you are more than one update behind the current version on the Downloads page, please consider updating (see FAQ 101) before contacting Digital WarRoom Support.
  • Your operating system and version (i.e. Server 2008).

Please Note: Additional phone support and training can be purchased here: Phone Support and then scheduling the support at our Digital WarRoom Support Center.

Digital WarRoom Pro or Digital WarRoom Express Customers

*If you are a Digital WarRoom Pro or Express user and do not find what you are looking for in the Support section of the website, you may purchase support by selecting the “Buy Now” button on your products page (Express or Pro) or upgrade to Digital WarRoom Private Cloud WorkGroup® with expanded support by emailing

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