Social Media

Social Media eDiscoveryFacebook, Google+, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest… Social media plays an increasingly important role in civil litigation. The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 26(b) allow liberal discovery such that “any non-privileged matter that is relevant to any party’s claim or defense” is discoverable.

Social Media is very much in the mainstream of daily business communications from customer service, marketing to employees’ personal accounts. It has been stressed on many occasions that companies are to be held accountable for any and all documentation that is used to conduct business, which includes social media.

Surveys estimate that 80 – 95% of companies have a company page on Facebook, for example, but often that content is unsupervised and outside the umbrella of corporate compliance and risk management. Digital WarRoom consultants assist clients on both sides of the social media spectrum:

  • Compliance and records management supervision of site content
  • Preservation, collection, and review of content in response to a discovery order

As with any web content, social media poses unique challenges in eDiscovery due to the variety of metadata associated with each platform, and the dynamic nature of content such as banner ads, links, and personalize content.

If your eDiscovery requirements include production of relevant social media content, Digital WarRoom will consult with you to assess the requirement. We then can collect data from Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Twitter, Google+, or any social source, process and present the content in an intuitive review environment.

Social media eDiscovery with Digital WarRoom ensures:

  • Analysis of a broad spectrum of social media streams
  • Data extraction of authors, timestamps
  • Filtering of information by keyword and stop words
  • Identification of key information
  • Preservation of data in credible, read-only format
  • QC, format and produce responsive data