Product Comparison

Use our Product Comparison chart below to find out which tool is best for you!


Feature DWR Pro DWR Private Cloud DWR Monthly Cloud
In house software license Hosted software subscription Outsourced hosted software subscription for specific matters
Number of Concurrent Users 1-5 Unlimited Unlimited
Cost Starting at $1,895/year/user Starting at $995/month Call for Quote
Support Includes 1-Hour of Support and 1-Hour of Training
DWR Forum
Web based support tools, live support included
DWR Forum
Live support and highly experienced project managers
End-to-End Solution: Process, Review to Production
Includes All Hardware & 3rd Party Software
Unlimited Processing
Early Case Assessment & Basic Analytics
Gist™ Predictive Coding/TAR
Native Review
Image Document Review
Forensic Collection
Data Mining and ESI consulting
Conversation Threads-Graphical
Tagging for Responsiveness, Privilege
Auto Privilege Log Field Data Generation
Generate Production (Image, Bates, Protective Order Designation)
Produce Documents in Native and/or Image Format
Virtual Machine Capability & SaaS
Production-Clawback Tracking
Use 3rd Party Load Files
Defensibility Log
Robust Reporting, Review Productivity Tracking & Cost Predictors