Digital WarRoom® Acquire

Search and Collect Discoverable Documents and Email

In the early phase of litigation, negotiations with the opposing side, and/or ediscovery order, will determine what email and documents must be collected and reviewed in discovery. It’s important to capture email and documents from custodians in a forensically sound manner – meaning, all content and metadata must be preserved intact.

Digital WarRoom created Acquire precisely for the purpose of custodian data collection in ediscovery.

Using Acquire, you can:

  • Collect email folders and active documents from custodian hard drives
  • Collect shared folders and content from a network server
  • Save the collected data back to a network repository, or, to media or accessory drive

The collected documents have all metadata preserved, and are ready for processing in Digital WarRoom or any other ediscovery application. Tools with this capability often cost $100 or more.

Download it Free! Acquire is available at no charge.