Digital WarRoom Products

Digital WarRoom is the only eDiscovery service provider offering an all-in-one enterprise software that is perfect for any size matter.

With Digital WarRoom you get:

  • An end-to-end solution from ECA to post-production deposition preparation
  • Security: Your data is not at risk because there is no need to transfer data between vendors and dispute systems
  • ECA: giving you rapid assessment of data to build case strategy and assess resources for review
  • Incredible functionality: inventory, process, cull, filter, review, convert and produce documents with a single application
  • Matter management and document control allows teams to track and manage content and assets
  • Repository document management, create matter-specific collections for re-use (no need to re-process)
  • Comply with production requirements, export documents in native format, images, or load files compatible with third-party review tools
  • Fully defensible, auditable processes, a library of standard reports that track every processing step, review action, and decision
  • Privilege logs and detailed audit trails export easily for sharing with partners and clients

Digital WarRoom Version 8.8 has lots of great new customer requested features including:

  • New and faster OCR service
  • More meta data extracted during processing
  • Foreign language indentification
  • Even more analytical featues in review
  • Free TAR 2.0 model creation (for Digital WarRoom Private Cloud only)
  • And lots more!

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There is a Digital WarRoom Solution for every need and budget.

Digital WarRoom® Pro

Professional eDiscovery software is no longer reserved for high-budget, large matters. If you have been challenged and frustrated by the technical hurdles involved in processing and reviewing documents in response to an eDiscovery order, Digital WarRoom Pro is the first desktop eDiscovery application designed for you! Find out more »

Digital WarRoom® Private Cloud

Digital WarRoom Private Cloud is the first practical, affordable end-to-end eDiscovery software solution for corporations and law firms facing mainstream, mid-size litigation cases and government investigations. Digital WarRoom Private Cloud runs as a Software as a Service (SaaS), and supports data ingestion, processing, review, annotation, and production – all in a single application. Find out more »

Digital WarRoom® Acquire

Search and collect discoverable documents and email in the early phase of litigation, negotiations with the opposing side, and/or eDiscovery order, will determine what email and documents must be collected and reviewed in discovery. It’s important to capture email and documents from custodians in a forensically sound manner. Find out more »