Get to document review sooner

In eDiscovery, the time pressure to identify important documents can be brutal. With Review Ready™ processing, documents are ready for review, often within hours, giving you the advantage of time to prepare for depositions or confirm facts in the case.

Fast accurate ESI processing

Digital WarRoom provides fast accurate ESI processing in compliance with the EDRM standards and delivers the following results within the Processing and Analytics phases of eDiscovery:

  • Inspect: initial assessment of collected data
  • Process: normalize and organize over 500 file types
  • De-NIST: remove system, OS and other non-data content
  • Triage: resolve challenges posed by encrypted, password protected or corrupt files
  • Index: organizes content for optimal search in the review phase
  • Filter: apply search terms and filters, report results
  • Analyze: advanced searches, filters, reports support case assessment and further reduce document volumes for the review phase
  • Load File: compatible with any eDiscovery review application
  • Custom Load File: deliver a load file matching your specifications

Our processing can create load file for AccessData Summation, Concordance, Relativity, iPRO, or any other common application for document review.

Processing workflow assures data integrity

  • Initial checklist review assures that requirements are clearly understood and communicated.
  • Receipt of collected ESI on client-provided media or uploaded via FTP.
  • Processing complete within 36 hours of receipt of data by Digital WarRoom.
  • Processing for over 500 file types, including Lotus Notes, Exchange email, business data files, compressed and container files, and web content.
  • Full Unicode compliance accurately processes content from over 70 foreign languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and Cyrillic.
  • De-duplication within custodian or across the entire data set.
  • Application of filters by date, domain, document type, custodian, or any metadata fields
  • Retention of family group relationships, attachments and embedded content.
  • Email threads make conversations viewable (when supported by document review tool)
  • Complete processing report, outlining all processes, searches, and decisions, and accounting for the resulting production set.

Our processing services include:

  • Wiki & Collaborative Applications
  • Social Media eDiscovery