Managed Privileged Documents

Privilege management is the process of searching, reviewing, marking and reporting on ESI – e-mails and electronically stored information – in the context of litigation or investigations, and in the process, capturing and reporting all detail on documents withheld due to privilege or work-product protection.

Digital WarRoom offers advanced search and analytics tools that help manage even the most complex requirements for privileged document identification, segregation and the production of privilege logs.

  • Consistency in Identification: Most ESI processing tools use a hash algorithm, or ‘digital fingerprint’ to identify duplicates within the corpus. Because all duplicates are identifiable, duplicates of a marked document may automatically inherit the same marks and annotations as the first copy an attorney reviews, thereby enforcing consistency, eliminating errors and reducing review effort.
    • Flexible Handling of Email Threads and Attachments: Attachments to e-mails should exist independently of the parent document, yet retain the association to the parent. (Sometimes called a ‘family group’). An effective eDiscovery review system should provide support for reviewing/tagging/producing – and also logging for privilege – documents in their original family groups, OR as individual documents. This flexibility is important for “context sensitive” privilege, when for example, a Word document may not be considered privileged when it stands alone, but a copy of it as an attachment to an email between client and counsel may be deemed privileged.
    • Efficient Annotation Tools: The Digital WarRoom document review application provides the ability for a review manager to create standard phrases to associate with privileged documents. The notes are customizable at the document level by the reviewer; however, the standardized wording saves time and assures consistency.
    • Automatic Generation of Privilege Logs: Document level information, including key metadata fields, document author name, privilege tag and notes, are used by Digital WarRoom to generate a privilege log automatically. Because the system is relying on review attorney tags and notes, the report is consistent with decisions made in the review process. Upon generation of a draft report, a reviewer or supervisor can add notes or edit the content of the privilege log while viewing each privileged document side-by-side with the privilege log.
    • Exportable Spreadsheet Privilege Log: the final report can be exported to Excel for further editing or sharing.

Unique Privilege Review and Log Generation tool.