Digital WarRoom offers full-service hosted review on our software platform.

Digital WarRoom is unique in that ESI processing, analytics, review and production all take place within a single integrated environment.

The benefits of Digital WarRoom eDiscovery include:

  • Quick up-time, documents are available for review very rapidly. Focus on the top custodians or topics, to get to the ‘hot docs’ quicker
  • Reduced risk of data loss or corruption. Traditional solutions involve multiple tools – often one for ESI processing, a second for document review, and another tool for final production of load files. Don’t settle for this time-consuming , expensive approach.
  • Lower Cost: Digital WarRoom flat-rate ‘Review Ready’ processing can save more than half the cost of processing fees in comparison with traditional GB-based fees. Your consultant will help plan a collection approach that will maximize your savings.
  • Rapid Learning Curve: Reviewers come up to speed very quickly, as the menus and navigation in Digital WarRoom are so intuitive.
  • Tagging for responsiveness, privilege, or coding by issue codes is simple.
  • Portable Case Database: In addition to hosted review, Digital WarRoom is available as a server application or a Windows desktop application. Case data moves easily from desktop to server to remote hosting center without a hitch.
  • Digital WarRoom is a true platform, seamlessly supporting cases of all sizes, as well as archiving and retrieval of case data once the litigation is complete.

Our Review Services Include:

  • Source Code Review
  • Document Repository

Source Code Review

In cases of IP (intellectual property) infringement or in some M&A reviews call for intensive source code review as part of the discovery process.

A review of source code requires reviewers with a particular skill set, and a secure environment where the software programs in question can be examined in their native form.

The Digital WarRoom team has a unique knowledge base that combines both legal and technical skills. This allows us to work with your legal team in conducting a source code review to efficiently produce results. We have worked with leading companies in internet technologies, semiconductors, software for e-commerce, financials, and manufacturing, among others, in support of secure source code review.

Digital WarRoom history of success includes:

  • Providing a lock-down review environment for software and systems
  • Contractual compliance
  • Expert witness testimony in support of methodologies and technologies

Digital WarRoom source code review process provides:

  • Assessment
  • Secure Hosted Review Environment
  • Technical Consulting
  • Source Code Isolation
  • Review Support