Gist Technology Assisted Review (TAR)

Find Relevant Documents Faster With Gist Technology Assisted Review

Gist can quickly identify relationships and similar topics in many more dimensions than in a manual review. Three iterations of proven methodologies are included to analyze document content, group by similar topics and suggest relevance.

The Benefits of Gist Assisted Review are Clear

  • Prioritize review more effectively
  • Save on review costs
  • Rapidly analyze enormous data volumes
  • Gain insight into topics and themes to inform case strategy
  • Identify and eliminate costly review of low-value content
  • Defensible processes, transparent technology

Gist Graphic with Matrix

Let the Technology do the Work

Attorneys have relied on outdated practices for too long. Manual review is no longer possible due to the vast amounts of data generated and the level of complexity of most litigation cases. Now with advanced analytics and assisted review, you can easily pinpoint patterns and similar documents linked through electronically stored information.

Gist has been embedded in the Digital WarRoom Private Cloud environment to run seamlessly during every review. Track all file types including documents, emails, voicemails, text messages, databases and images. Attorneys can see for themselves the level of accuracy of the data in regular reports.

If the Gist reports are deemed to be a valuable resource after seeing the determinations and predictions, they are available on a fee basis.

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You would be hard pressed to find a more economical eDiscovery solution, particularly one with so many available features.Bruce Olson, ONLAW Trial Technologies LLC