eDiscovery Management


A perfect storm of events is driving eDiscovery to the forefront of issues facing litigators. Digital content is growing at an alarming rate. Increasingly, state and local courts are adopting the FRCP and holding attorneys to higher eDiscovery standards. The ABA rules for professional conduct were recently amended to clarify that:

…”to maintain the requisite knowledge and skill necessary to represent a client, a lawyer must keep abreast of changes in the law and its practice, including the benefits and risks associated with relevant technology.”

Efficient management of electronically stored information (ESI) is a critical element in the response to litigation, regulatory inquiries or investigation.

Digital WarRoom helps you approach eDiscovery confidently, knowing that you will benefit from our technical expertise and efficient project management. Our consultants become members of your team, managing every stage of your eDiscovery process, from the initial preservation and identification of relevant data through to presentation of the evidence.

Our eDiscovery Management services assist with every stage of the process:


We can also provide assistance in:

Ediscovery Consulting
Project Management

When can you use Digital WarRoom Plus?

Case requires data from companies, platforms or business units that have not previously been involved in litigation discovery:

  • A consultant will know how to talk with corporate IT and records management staff to identify data sources and scope ESI collection

  • When brought in early, a consultant can help counsel negotiate an eDiscovery agreement that is technically feasible and won’t break the budget

eDiscovery-related disputes are expected from your adversary, and Digital WarRoom experts can help with:

  • Conflicts over data types, choice of technologies

  • Negotiation over the use of predictive coding or TAR technologies

  • Enormous volumes of adverse production

  • Potential need for expert testimony related to ESI preservation & collection

Case strategy requires an aggressive eDiscovery offense:

  • Experts can identify forensic trails or metadata issues that support your case (or undermine that of the opponent)

  • eDiscovery experts can help anticipate and avoid potential problems, and can assure that disciplined, defensible practices are used

You expect unusual volumes or types of data; your client and/or discovery team may lack the technical skill to defensibly manage:

  • Large data sets that would benefit from Technology Assisted Review

  • IP/Patent Litigation case requiring review of critical IP or Source Code

You have problems with an existing case database or service provider, and need to:

  • Migrate eDiscovery data from enterprise stores, Clearwell, Autonomy, AD Summation, or other database to a new review application

  • Analyze and cull data in an archive or ECA tool before starting review

project management

Project Management

When you get in a pinch and need outside assistance, the Digital WarRoom Plus consulting and project management team can identify the scope and level of effort involved throughout the matter to meet budgets and deadlines.

And, at a minimum each project benefits from the experience of these vital resources:

  • Senior Project Manager: Responsible for managing schedules, resources and client expectation. The Project Manager has the overall responsibility of ensuring the matter is driven to success and completion and is the main interface with the paralegal or lead partner responsible for the matter.
  • Project Coordinator: Responsible for management of schedules, update of evidence logs and facilitating client requests and communications with the team.
  • Senior Technical Lead: Responsible for all aspects of technical delivery, database and work product management and quality of required deliverables.