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Digital WarRoom is an all-in-one enterprise software that allows you to perform unlimited Early Case Assessment (ECA), processing, document review, and productions in one easy-to-use platform. Digital WarRoom is the first fully integrated eDiscovery platform, that can scale to support hundreds of document reviewers across the globe, yet is affordable for law firms and companies of any size.

With Digital WarRoom you can:

  • Process, analyze, review and produce over 500 file types
  • Break away from per gigabyte hosting and processing fees
  • Set-up unlimited matters
  • Access Digital WarRoom’s TAR 2.0, Gist, on demand
  • Manage access control and security at the case level
  • Create a Secure Case Database
  • Drag and drop folders
  • Process over 300 file types
  • Search, filter, and review email and documents
  • Use “Who to Whom” to quickly assess conversations and activities
  • Capture investigator notes at the document level
  • Use the large library of reports to manage the process and defend your decisions

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A Proven Model: Case Studies

Digital WarRoom has clients around the globe who have utilized our platform for a wide variety of cases. Examples include:

  • Large (AmLaw 200) law firm handling high volume email and documents in IP and Patent litigation
  • Commercial litigation case involving 12 terabytes of email and Office documents
  • A leading regional law firm handling commercial litigation for global consumer products and industrial corporations
  • A boutique bankruptcy law firm with 8 attorneys moved off cloud hosting to manage their client cases on the firm’s network, eliminating hosting fees

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Complete Implementation and Training Assure your Success

Private Cloud is impressively easy to configure, install and manage.  Most law firms set the system up in the morning and are reviewing documents the same afternoon.  That said, Digital WarRoom provides a complete package of assistance and training to get you started.

Investigative Review of Email and Business Documents

Digital WarRoom can be used by security and risk managers, internal auditors, compliance officers, financial audit teams, law enforcement and legal investigators to collect, preserve and examine data from employee hard drives, network stores, cloud applications and mobile devices.

eDiscovery Investigative Review of Email and Business Documents

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We used Digital WarRoom to quickly confirm the culprits in a multi-million dollar intellectual property theft matter. Previously we had been staring at his forensic image for 2 weeks – the evidence was right under our noses!Corporate Investigations Manager, Technology Company