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Everchron is our newest Technology Partner

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everchron-color-logo-transparentDigital WarRoom is proud to announce our newest technology partner, Everchron. Everchron is the first collaborative case management platform for litigators. Given our history of replacing legacy platforms in the litigation space such as Summation or Relativity we were super impressed with Everchron when they approached us about being their eDiscovery technology platform. (more…)

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EDRM webinar “Catching the Third Wave of E-Discovery”

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upset-Article-201502171525 Discovery has moved from the time of paper, to the on-premise era, and now to the cloud age. Join our speakers as they discuss the attributes of true e-discovery cloud solutions; compare the benefits and shortcomings of cloud versus more traditional approaches; and help corporate personnel understand how to catch that waving, moving their e-discovery to true cloud solutions.

If you missed our own Barry O’Melia and our friends at the EDRM group the recorded webinar is available now.

Webinar: Catching the Third Wave in eDiscovery

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