Document Production

Your Digital WarRoom project manager works closely with the case team to monitor the progress of review and assure that document productions are prioritized and produced on schedule and in the proper format.

Production process control

At time of production, strict quality control measures identify and address discrepancies in document tags, identify and hold back any previously clawed-back documents, and assure that all bates numbers and other designations are properly applied.

Bates numbering and endorsements

Our systems flexibly manage various formats for Bates numbers. In addition, several fields are available for other references such as Protective Order Designations that can be placed on any location on the page.

Forms of production

Digital WarRoom can create final document productions in virtually any format or in a mix of formats, including:

  • TIF, single page or multi-page
  • PDF or Native format
  • Optional inclusion of OCR – Optical Character Recognition – ie; indexable text pulled from previously scanned images.

Load file support

  • Digital WarRoom can ingest or create productions in various industry load file formats, including Concordance, AD Summation, NSF for JTS, iPRO, CSV, XML or other formats

Production delivery

Evidence gathered via eDiscovery can be produced on a variety of media, including: CDs, DVDs, USB, Hard Drive or via file transfer.

Hosting for adverse party review

Digital WarRoom can host produced documents in a secure hosted repository, and make the production accessible to adverse party review attorneys.

Defensible, documented processes

As with all phases of the eDiscovery process, the Digital WarRoom workflow captures each decision and action taken in the production process, and reports can be provided as reference or compliance records.