Digital WarRoom Plus Services

Services and Support that Cover all Stages of eDiscovery

We understand that litigation is a disruption to your business. With our experts focused on the ESI and discovery, your corporate team and outside counsel are free to focus on case strategy.


Digital WarRoom consultants can consult with you on litigation readiness and the legal hold process. We can help you select and implement a fully compliant, auditable legal hold management system.


Services include forensic imaging, forensic copying and on-site collection from any source such as a network server or mobile device. Digital WarRoom forensic specialists can conduct acquisitions anywhere around the globe.


Our high-speed processing system extracts and indexes metadata from documents and emails to allow for a more efficient search and review. Data is processed in the same system where review is conducted. Risk is reduced, and documents are ready for review quickly.


Our project managers assist litigation support teams in conducting key term searches, filtering, and culling out non-responsive data in order to reduce the time and cost of attorney review. Technology Assisted Review (TAR), also known as predictive coding, is available through Digital WarRoom’s Gist™ assisted review services.


Digital WarRoom hosts the review database at our highly secure hosting centers. The admin and security teams provide access to reviewers, maintain back-ups, and support 24×7 access to case data for global reviews.


We can inform your decision regarding form of production, coordinate production releases, create load files, exports, or native productions to comply with any specification, and deliver to parties as instructed.