Leadership Team


Bill Gallivan – VP Strategic Relationships

Bill is a founding member and managing executive of Digital WarRoom® and focuses on business development and Digital WarRoom growth.  With that aim Bill focuses on leading and inspiring a growing network of Digital WarRoom channel partners.

Prior to establishing the Digital WarRoom line, Bill served as vice president of professional services at Attenex, a litigation support technology firm formerly owned by Preston Gates and Ellis (now K&L Gates).

Bill has a 20-year track record of innovation in the fields of computer forensics, managed security, system hardening and legal information services. He acquired a wealth of forensics, Internet and IT systems experience working for AT&T Easylink in Hong Kong, Equant in London, BBN Technologies/GTE in Boston, a specialty ISP in Seattle, and a Security and Forensics consulting firm that was absorbed into EDS.   Bill holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Northwestern University and an MBA from The Ohio State University.

Barry O’Melia – VP Operations

Barry O’Melia leads the Digital WarRoom operations and enterprise program management efforts. Barry brings over 20 years experience in the fields of software development, technology integration and legal information services. Prior to joining DWR, Barry was program manager for an electronic legal services consulting and software firm. He was responsible for service and product delivery to several Fortune 100 companies in-house and external legal counsel. He has managed operations and wireless technologies for a global ISP. Barry worked on technology design, implementation and project management for a variety of commercial and government agencies including and the US Air Force and Department of Energy. He has been called on by several AM Law 100 law firms and Fortune 100 companies to consult in the areas of electronic document scope negotiation, review efficiency and 30(b)(6) witness support.

Barry holds a B.S. in Engineering Technology from Kansas State University and an MS in engineering from Tufts University. Barry is a licensed Professional Engineer in multiple states.

Dan Gallivan – CTO

Dan Gallivan is the Chief Technology Officer for Digital WarRoom® and is responsible for all software tools, service delivery methodologies and best practices. He brings more than 20 years experience in software development and technology management to his practice group. He has worked primarily in the areas of information modeling, database systems, adaptive and distributed systems, wide-area networks, and graphics. Dan is a software architect and recognized master of object-oriented design. As a founding director, he serves
as both the visionary and direct manager for an interdisciplinary engineering team. He embraces the human-centered design approach to quickly create and deliver high-value, high-impact products.

In support of Digital WarRoom clients, Dan has provided deposition testimony, declarations and affidavits pertaining to forensic analysis of computer data in front of federal and circuit courts.

Chris Waterman – Director of Development

Chris joined Digital WarRoom as a lead consultant, and in recent years his focus has expanded to include management of the design and development of the Digital WarRoom software platform.  In addition to leading the design, architecture and implementation of Digital WarRoom, Chris continues to provide internal and external consulting and mentoring in electronic discovery, data management and analytics technologies.

He prides himself on using technology to make clients and consultants more efficient in an effort to bring sanity to an industry that is not always sane.  Prior to joining Digital WarRoom, Chris worked at Attenex, where he helped pioneer the use of data visualization technology in electronic discovery. Chris holds a BS degree in Computer Science at the University of Washington.