It is critical that the collection of ESI in response to litigation, governmental inquiries, and internal investigations is done in a manner that is legally defensible, proportionate, efficient, auditable, and targeted.

We begin with a complimentary assessment, with Digital WarRoom Plus, we will begin to discuss the location and number of custodians, the volume and location of data to be collected, and the nature of the matter. With this information our team will determine the most cost effective means of conducting a collection, while retaining forensic integrity of the data.

Digital WarRoom Plus collection services include:

  • Forensic collection of all active content on an identified device.
  • Forensic imaging collects binary image of the entire drive, including slack space and fragments.
  • Non-standard data collections detects and keeps the rest tools and processes to efficiently collect virtually any form of target data from websites, cloud-based email applications, social media sites, and mobile devices.

esi collection

ESI Collection

Digital WarRoom’s eDiscovery experts offer a decade of experience in collecting data across a growing list of sources and formats. Our understanding of the process, collection skills and range of technologies have evolved in line with the eDiscovery process itself. This gives us a clear understanding of the factors and responsibilities involved in ESI collection.

With Digital WarRoom Plus ESI collection, you can expect the following:

Legal Defense: These files will be presented as evidence in a courtroom and must be fully legally defensible. If there is the slightest indication of impropriety, the entire case may be impacted. Digital WarRoom’s team has been involved in thousands of legal matters, giving us a unique understanding of the requirements to present legally defensible digital evidence.

Data Integrity: The data must be presented in original, unaltered form in order to comply with eDiscovery rules. We have developed a strict chain of evidence designed to protect the integrity and sensitivity of your data from collection to disposal.

Accurate Collection: Business files are typically copied, shared and edited across a wide variety of users and functions. Our experts’ knowledge, experience and technical skill ensures that every piece of data collected is identified, collected and indexed in accordance with evidentiary obligations.

Presentation Format: While all data must be presented unaltered, it is important that data is presented in a format that makes it easily readable and understandable as legal evidence. As we provide a range of eDiscovery services designed to assist with every stage of the process. We execute every task with clear focus on its place within the process.

Relevance: While data will be reviewed for relevance later in the eDiscovery process, it is important to consider the relevance of each piece of data as it is collected. Our team has experience in every facet of managing ESI evidence and are skilled in assessing ESI relevance.

Efficiency: Collecting data from so many sources can be extremely costly and time-consuming. Our team make every effort to ensure that the process is executed in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

Forensic Analysis

In some cases, questions arise that require a deeper analysis of digital activity. It’s important to ensure there has been no malicious or accidental destruction of data, non-compliant or illegal behavior. A forensic analysis of your systems may validate or confirm patterns of user activity, application usage, data deletion, or metadata tampering. By gathering this information at this stage of the eDiscovery process, you avoid difficult questions later in the case and allow your legal team to prepare based on comprehensive data.

A computer forensics investigation may validate or confirm patterns of user activity, application usage, data deletion, or metadata tampering. The forensics experts at Digital WarRoom provide complete forensic services, assisting clients in assessing the investigative options, with a goal of reducing legal risk while managing cost.

We understand the sensitive and confidential nature of forensic investigations, and take great care to assure strict adherence to security and confidentiality.

Our Forensic Analysis process includes:

Assessment: The process begins, at this stage we define the kind of data required and assess how best to acquire it.

Acquisition: Digital WarRoom’s consultants collect and preserve target data from computers, network servers, cell phones, portable media storage, websites or cloud applications.

Analysis: Digital WarRoom consultants secure the system, study content of drives (including user data and machine data), investigate settings and activity trails, and assess the system as a whole.

Reporting: We then provide a comprehensive, defensible report containing all recovered data.

Mobile Devices

There’s no longer a question that corporate legal departments will need to collect ESI from mobile devices. Mobile devices are phones; they are also email appliances, cameras, calendars, GPS devices and gaming units. Increasingly, mobile devices contain ESI that may be discoverable. In some instances, they may be the only location where that data is stored.

Adding to that challenge is BYOD – ‘bring your own device’ policies at many companies, under which employees’ own smart phone, tablet or PC is configured for use on the company network, applications, and content. BYOD is blurring the lines between personal and work-related data.

Digital WarRoom conducts efficient collection, processing, and hosted review of content from mobile devices, including:

  • Accessing ESI on device
  • Restoring backups and archives
  • Forensic analysis of device
  • Manage multiple data formats
  • Conversion of legacy formats
  • Filtering of personal data
  • Identifying data of corporate significance
  • Export data and format for attorney review stage